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Now is finally the time to reveal the name of the lucky Flytrippers fan who will head to Europe this summer, thanks to our free flights giveaway with WOW air.

The giveaway closed last Sunday and first of all we’d like to thank every one who took the time to enter, we appreciate it! We are so glad that you follow us in our quest to find you the best flight deals on our deals page and give you the best travel tips on this blog.

We received thousands of entries, so unfortunately, not everyone can win! We hope you stay tuned and keep visiting our site and social media pages as we do have more giveaways planned for the rest of the year: we hope next time you get to be the lucky winner! Our next giveaways will be much simpler to enter too!

So just before I tell you the lucky winner’s name, here is a reminder of what the grand prize is:

  • 2 roundtrip tickets to either London (UK) or Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Departing from either Montreal or Toronto (on WOW air)
  • Baggage included: 1 checked bag & 1 carry-on per passenger

As you probably know, flights to Europe are extremely expensive in the summer (it’s really the worst time to go if you like to save money like us) so the lucky winner will save quite a bit on their Eurotrip this summer thanks to Flytrippers and WOW air. Whether she chooses London or Stockholm, we’re sure she’ll have a blast! We’ll tell you more about why we offered those two choices and great Europe travel tips in a second…

But without further ado, here is the winner: Melissa Chevalier-Dubois from Quebec City, QC!

More useful information for all travelers

The reason we opened this giveaway to all Canadians even though WOW air only serves Toronto and Montreal is because we wanted everyone to get a chance to win a free flight to Europe, which would’ve been worth making your way to those cities!

And the fact is, all year round, WOW air has fares that are sometimes so ridiculously low that they could be worth making your way to Toronto or Montreal to take advantage of, no matter where you live. Just to give you an example, we flew WOW air to Europe this winter for just $247 roundtrip from Montreal. Now that’s cheap.

By the way, we’ve now been on 12 WOW air flights and we loved the experience, you can see many photos and read about our experience in detail in our WOW air Review.

Also, since flights are really cheap in Europe, sometimes it’s worth it to split your itinerary into two separate tickets: you buy the cheapest transatlantic flight (often on WOW air if you’re in YYZ or YUL) and then from that European city to where you’re going, you could find roundtrips at very low prices. Often, those two tickets combined will save you hundreds of dollars when bought separately. You can read more details about that tip, the multi-ticket itinerary.

You can check out our article about 147 destinations that are $147 roundtrip or less from London to see many examples of where you can go very cheaply buy buying a great fare from Canada to London and creating your own cool stopover in that beautiful city.

Finally, you can also check out our Top 10 Photos That Will Make You Want To Go To London and our Top 10 Photos That Will Make You Want To Go To Sweden in case you are looking for some inspiration for your next trip.

When looking for your next flight, don’t forget to check our curated deals page very regularly, as we often spot flights that are literally 50% off the regular price. That said, we also have search tools for all your flight needs:

  • if you have specific date and destination, use this flight search tool to find the lowest price
  • if you have a specific destination and want to find the cheapest dates, follow these instructions
  • if you have specific dates and want to find the cheapest destinations, follow these instructions

Bottom line

Congratulations to our winner, don’t miss more giveaways coming soon! And use those tips to plan your next European getaway!

Any questions? Ask us in the comments below.

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