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Every single time we share funny maps we find online, some people start throwing insults at us because they don’t understand that we aren’t the ones who created the maps (and also because they don’t have a sense of humor). So these 9 funny maps of Canada will probably have the same effect… because some are quite controversial.

These 9 funny maps of ways to divide Canada were posted by Reddit user RileyRichard and have somewhat gone viral, so we thought we’d share them anyway.

Because as passionate travelers… we love maps (and as Canadians… we love Canada-related stuff)!



Funny map (photo credit: u/RileyRichard)


Context for the funny map: I assume this implies that Manitoba is boring or not often in the news. Not sure why it wouldn’t instead be Saskatchewan, which is flatter, less populous, and even less often talked about it seems (they’re also the only 2 provinces I’ve never visited, apart from a night in Winnipeg).



Funny map (photo credit: u/RileyRichard)


Context for the funny map: apparently Albertans hate Canada and vice-versa, with Québec hating everyone. Of course, being from Québec, I disagree.



Funny map (photo credit: u/RileyRichard)


Context for the funny map: as is usually the case everywhere, a lot of people hate their province’s largest city for a variety of reasons. But elsewhere in Canada, everyone loves visiting Montreal.



Funny map (photo credit: u/RileyRichard)


Context for the funny map: well the same principle as above seems to apply and many people hate the largest city in their country. Really not sure if that many people genuinely hate Toronto though.



Funny map (photo credit: u/RileyRichard)


Context for the funny map: yes, Wexit is actually polling higher in Alberta than separatism currently is in Québec (somewhat surprisingly). And the province of Newfoundland and Labrador did vote to join Canada in 1948 (joining in 1949).


Capitals vs largest cities

Funny map (photo credit: u/RileyRichard)


Context for the funny map: finally, a map that is more informational than useless. Only 4 of the 10 provincial capitals are also the province’s largest city, but for some reason, the map creator thinks the rest of Manitoba and Newfoundland are uninhabitable (it’s pretty true for the Territories).


Capitals on islands

Funny map (photo credit: u/RileyRichard)


Context for the funny map: this one doesn’t really fit with the others, as it’s not even funny and is just purely factual (my favorite kind of map: a friendly reminder that learning is always better than being entertained). Anyway: Victoria, St. John’s, Charlottetown, and Iqaluit are located on islands and that’s it, there’s no joke.


Drinking age

Funny map (photo credit: u/RileyRichard)


Context for the funny map: I am not sure what the joke about Québec is here, but I still don’t understand why Canadians in the 7 other provinces have to wait until they’re 19 to drink. You become an adult at 18, but not enough of an adult to drink a beer… so strange.



Funny map (photo credit: u/RileyRichard)


Context for the funny map: I will not even comment on this one, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Except for Newfoundland.


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These 9 funny maps show ways to divide Canada that are obviously not to be taken literally, but I am sure some will nonetheless. It’s the Internet after all.

What do you think of these maps? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: maps (photo credit: u/RileyRichard)

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  1. na

    Drinking age : the joke is that the drinking age in Quebec is seen more like a suggestion than a law.

  2. Daniel

    Très drôle!

  3. Cali

    Actually I believe that the majority of Ontario hates Trudeau with the exception of Toronto, which loves him.

  4. Suzanne

    These maps are hilarious! But hold some truth!

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