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Iceland has been one of the trendiest destinations for many years already, and the new Sky Lagoon opening in 2021 might make you want to go there even more. You probably already know about the world-famous Blue Lagoon, but this upcoming attraction has unique features like beautiful ocean views.

Iceland is not a great destination if you are a budget traveler: it’s arguably one of the most expensive countries in the world (it’s definitely not one of the 40 cheapest countries to travel to, where C$30 per day is enough).

But Iceland sure is beautiful. And if you have the Northern European island-nation on your bucket list, maybe you’ll want to add the Sky Lagoon to your itinerary (Iceland is even reopening this week to all nationalities without restrictions for those who are vaccinated).


Iceland Sky Lagoon video

Iceland has long been known for its geothermal lagoons and the new oceanfront Sky Lagoon is certainly taking it up a notch.

Let’s start with a video of Iceland’s Sky Lagoon.


Iceland Sky Lagoon features

The Sky Lagoon’s name comes from its location “where the ocean meets the sky.”

Infinity ledge at the Iceland Sky Lagoon (photo credit: Pursuit / Sky Lagoon)


So the setting itself looks amazing: we all love ocean views. Especially with the Sky Lagoon’s 70-meter long (230-feet) infinity ledge.

The Sky Lagoon faces West, so sunsets over the North Atlantic Ocean will be epic seen from there. Admiring Iceland’s famous Northern Lights too!

Beautiful sunset seen from the Sky Lagoon (photo credit: Pursuit / Sky Lagoon)


Add the Sky Lagoon’s beautiful Icelandic design that reminds visitors of the beautiful green landscapes…

Icelandic-inspired design at the Sky Lagoon (photo credit: Pursuit / Sky Lagoon)


… the iconic fjords found all across the country…

The fjord-lined Iceland Sky Lagoon (photo credit: Pursuit / Sky Lagoon)


… and inspired by the iconic traditional turf houses of Iceland…

Turf house-inspired design at the Iceland Sky Lagoon (photo credit: Pursuit / Sky Lagoon)


… and there are great odds that the Iceland Sky Lagoon will become a favorite for those visiting the beautiful volcanic island.


Iceland Sky Lagoon experience

Apart from the thermal experience, the Iceland Sky Lagoon will also have a swim-up bar, a dining area, and shopping options.

The thermal experience is as Icelandic as it gets. It’s a must when visiting Iceland.

So the Sky Lagoon will have cold pools, saunas, steam rooms, and everything else you’d expect.

The sauna at the Iceland Sky Lagoon (photo credit: Pursuit / Sky Lagoon)


Here is how the Iceland Sky Lagoon describes the 7-step ritual:

The Iceland Sky Lagoon 7-step ritual (photo credit: Pursuit / Sky Lagoon)


Iceland Sky Lagoon location

The Sky Lagoon will be located just across from Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital and largest city. More specifically, it will be at the end of the small peninsula in Kópavogur called Kársnes Harbour.

Here is the Sky Lagoon location on a map:

Map of the Iceland Sky Lagoon location (image credit: Google Maps)


By the way, we loved our short time in Reykjavík and strongly recommend the Galaxy Pod Hostel if you want to experience sleeping in a capsule bed!


Iceland Sky Lagoon opening date

The Pursuit group, the Sky Lagoon’s developers and owners, have promised a Spring 2021 opening date. So if everything is on schedule, the Iceland Sky Lagoon will likely be open by the time Canada removes its ridiculously-overpriced hotel quarantine, which is what is keeping many people from planing future travel.

Iceland was one of the first European countries to reopen to travelers after the first wave last summer (along with Portugal and Greece—the latter is where we chose to go to avoid the astronomical costs in Iceland).

Anyway as of now, Iceland is reopening to international travelers who have been vaccinated.

Icelandic landscapes seen from the Sky Lagoon (photo credit: Pursuit / Sky Lagoon)


Iceland Sky Lagoon price & booking

The Sky Lagoon is being marketed as a premium experience and considering a burger costs about $40 in many Icelandic restaurants, this experience likely won’t come cheap.

I would estimate the admission price to be approximately the required budget for 4 full days of travel in affordable countries (C$120), given how it is more premium, newer, and better-located than the Blue Lagoon (C$92).

We’ll update this post once the admission prices are revealed.

By the way, we usually recommend booking your attractions and activities online to make sure you get the best price and avoid waiting in line (or missing out if it is something that can sell out like the famous Alhambra de Granada I visited in Spain in 2019).


Getting to Iceland

We used to spot flights to Iceland in the $100s roundtrip from Montreal to Toronto thanks to our beloved Icelandic ultra low-cost carrier, WOW air. Those are a thing of the past but we continue to spot amazing deals for all destinations; you can sign up to our free newsletter to get them once international travel resumes.


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The Iceland Sky Lagoon will be an epic addition to an already beautiful country. The premium oceanfront geothermal experience is sure to become a favorite attraction in Iceland after the pandemic.

What do you think of the Iceland Sky Lagoon? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: Iceland Sky Lagoon (photo credit: Pursuit / Sky Lagoon)

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