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If you don’t want to spend all your travel budget on lodging, there is an option for those who do not want to stay in hostels and prefer the comfort of hotels. Taking advantage of hotel promos (and hotel rewards programs as a whole) can be an effortless way to save money.

Here’s another example of an easy way to save money that is related to travel rewards, but doesn’t require credit cards. You can read our post with the basics of hotel promotions.


Resetting your expectations

The Best Western chain of hotels is currently offering a special $25 gift card promotion for every night you stay (maximum 4 cards). So if you plan to stay in a hotel, consider this promo.

Let’s just reset your expectations though, just to make sure you don’t go thinking that this is what travel rewards is all about… a tiny $25 discount.

It’s not a completely free night like those you can easily earn with points (I get dozens every year myself). And it’s far from being the best hotel promo even (I once got 5 nights at a nice hotel in Bali for the equivalent of $5 per night with a truly fantastic Hilton promo).

But it’s a promo that is very easy to take advantage of.

We also want to show that travel rewards don’t necessarily have to involve credit cards and can sometimes be very simple.

Even if it’s not as rewarding, it’s still better than not getting anything at all… that’s why if you like to travel, you should really join our travel rewards newsletter.

We’ll have great content to maximize the amount of free travel for those who don’t want things to be too complicated (because yes, it’s still possible to easily earn hundreds of dollars of free travel each year even by keeping it real simple).


Best Western $25 Gift Card Promo

As mentioned, it’s not the best deal ever, but a free $25 is still better than nothing.

Best Western doesn’t usually have the most rewarding promos (with Marriott and Hilton you can sometimes earn a free night with just 2 paid nights during promos, which is amazing given the value of that free night).

You get a $25 Best Western Travel Card after each night. This promotion lasts until May 9th 2021, and there’s a limitation of 4 gift cards per member during the promo period.

To get the gift card, you need to book on the Best Western website, and you have to be a registered member of the Best Western Rewards program (it’s free to join of course, like all rewards programs) and to complete at least one eligible night.

You’ll receive the $25 gift card in 1-2 weeks after you’ve completed your stay as a virtual gift and you will then be able to redeem it for a future trip. The gift card expires on August 31st (the expiration date will be indicated on the card too).

Once you receive the gift card, you can use it at any Best Western location in the world.

You can also read all the details of the promo, which also includes a double the points element if you reach 5 nights (cumulative; does not have to be consecutive).

So you can easily get a free $25 gift card for another stay later in the summer if you planned on staying one night in a Best Western Hotel this summer, or really in any hotel in fact.

That’s because Best Westerns are widely available and are often very competitive on price, so for a free $25, it could be worth staying at a Best Western rather than a non-chain hotel if it’s the same price. And there are many BW properties here in North America, which is where many of you are headed in the short-term, and they usually offer free breakfast too.

We encourage you to take advantage of this offer and most importantly, we encourage you to sign up for our new travel rewards newsletter. We will be sharing even better promos that this one and also some amazing hotel tips to stay in great hotels for free thanks to rewards, which is something both Flytrippers co-founders love to do—and is much easier than it might seem.


About Best Western Rewards

Operating over 4,000 hotels in 100+ countries worldwide, Best Western International is one of the largest hotel chains in the world.

Best Western Rewards is their loyalty program, and we’ll have a detailed guide to maximizing it (along with guides for Marriott, Hilton, and IHG programs) when we re-launch our new travel rewards section.


Want to learn more about free hotel stays?

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The Best Western chain of hotels can be a valuable choice of accommodation for travelers – especially for those who primarily stay in the US and Canada. The $25 Best Western Gift Card promo is an excellent opportunity to get an easy discount for your next stay and be rewarded for an upcoming hotel stay.


What would you like to know about free hotel nights? Tell us in the comments below.

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