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Since Flytrippers often spots great deals to fly to Utah at a low price, here are the Top 15 photos that will make you want to visit this incredible Western State. A must-see destination that just might be the perfect place for a summer trip!

With 5 beautiful National Parks, Utah truly is perfect for outdoorsy people as you will see in the pictures below.

Utah has some of the most breathtaking spots on our continent, and we happen to be seeing great deals to this destination (Salt Lake City) on our cheap flight deals page recently.

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So here are the Top 15 photos. Did we miss anything? Tell us your favorite spot in the comments!


1. Canyonlands National Park


Few US states have as many National Parks. And Canyonlands (like all others in Utah) is quite impressive.


2. Canyonlands National Park (Pt. 2)


In fact, the “Mighty 5” is so beautiful that each of them will get two pics in the top 15 (spoiler alert). We could even do a standalone Top 15 for each park, that’s how beautiful they are.


3. Bonneville Salt Flats


The Bonneville Salt Flats are incredible. It looks like snow but it really is a layer of white salt covering a vast area near Salt Lake City. It is a remnant of an actual sea that evaporated thousands of years ago.


4. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument


This is typically the kind of image that comes to mind when thinking of the American West. And to think this is just a short flight away from home (and even better for those of you who are out West, what are you waiting for? #roadtrip)


5. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (Pt. 2)


So this isn’t even a National Park, but the surreal scene there deserves a second pic. It’s almost as if you are on a different planet in this spot.


6. Bryce Canyon National Park


Geologically, it isn’t even really a canyon, but some say the sights here are more impressive than the Grand Canyon.


7. Bryce Canyon National Park (Pt. 2)


Reddish rocks and green trees coexist marvelously here.


8. Zion National Park


Zion has often been named the most beautiful National Park in the whole country. Hard to argue with that.


9. Great Salt Lake


Most of the Utah attractions are in the southern more deserted part of the state, but Utah also has some of the wet stuff. Lake Powell for example is a great place for aquatic activities. The Great Salt Lake pictured here though is not great for swimming. That’s because it’s saltier than even the oceans, hence the name. And some parts are pretty unique, like these two sections with vastly different colors.


10. Salt Lake City


There’s more to just nature in the State of Utah. You’ll most likely land in Salt Lake City, the largest city and the state capital. Situated between the Great Salt Lake and impressive mountains, SLC is a vibrant city that hosted the Olympics and has many attractions in its own right.


11. Capitol Reef National Park


This National Park is one of the best places to stargaze, being so far away from well, anything. No light pollution here.


12. Monument Valley


Though not part of a National Park, Monument Valley is an impressive sight that really makes you feel like you’re in the American West.


13. Uinta Mountains


If you prefer mountains that are slightly more… mountainous, the Uinta Mountains in the Northern part of the state are perfect for you. Known for alpine sports in the winter, it is also quite pretty in other seasons.


14. Arches National Park


Last but not least. Of the 5 National Parks, Arches is one of the more unique ones. It features… arches, you might’ve guessed it.


15. Arches National Park (Pt. 2)

So visiting Utah is very interesting and landscapes are so different than in other places, even though it is so close. And as mentioned, if you want to combine outdoor adventures with more… urban adventures, you can always land in Las Vegas and drive to Utah too. It’s about the same distance.


Bonus: Four Corners Monument


We love giving you more for your money at Flytrippers, so here’s a bonus. Technically, only 1/4th of it is in Utah, but it really a cool place. Nowhere else can you be in 4 states simultaneously!



Utah is a beautiful place that everyone should visit at least once. And if you don’t feel up for a long drive there, we feature deals to both Salt Lake City and Las Vegas pretty often.


Now, tell us: Have you ever been there? What did you enjoy most? Tell us in the comments below.

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Cover image: Zion National Park (photo credit: Omer Salom)

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Posted April 27th 2019, updates June 5th 2019

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