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Here’s a rather impressive video from a corner of The World that’s worth knowing about: The Republic of Mauritius. It honestly looks like a waterfall underwater… but how is that possible? 

We don’t often have deals for Mauritius on our cheap flight deals page, but it’s still a place worth considering especially if you’re wanting a unique spot that’s out-of-the-ordinary!

This tiny nation in the Indian Ocean seems truly magnificent. Its beaches, its waters, and its mountains (in fact, all of the islands’ nature) are bound to take your breath away. 

And there’s a particular spot in the country that’s become well-known across the globe thanks to a very popular video. 

Waterfalls underwater?


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It’s truly, without a doubt, surprising and magnificent. Even, unique. But, they’re not really waterfalls underwater. 

It’s actually an optical illusion created by the ocean’s currents in this precise spot. They make the sand and the lime in the water move in a particular way which gives the impression of an underwater waterfall.

Yes, it’s really nothing. The sea bottom is not farther down, it’s only the movements of the sediment that simulate this effect.

And only from this angle! Seen from the beach, it’s difficult to see what’s going on.  Helicopter tours are then available here so that travelers can admire this natural anomaly.

Undoubtedly, it’s amazing: whether it’s an illusion or not.

I will explain how to get to Mauritius for cheap, but first here are some other pics of this amazingly beautiful country, one of the most unknown. It’s the only Hindi nation in Africa and the most developed nation in Africa (to be clear, Mauritius is not on the continent of Africa, but it is still considered being a part of Africa). 



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How To Get To Mauritius For Cheap

Per our specialty to get you cheap flight deals, let’s talk about how to get to Mauritius with the best price. The main airport is Port-Louis (MRU), in the capital.

First, contrary to the vast majority of destinations (where we easily find the best deals), Port-Louise typically never falls below $1000 a ticket. It’s not possible to really save money on a deal through another city or to combine it with a different ticket in order to save overall (as I explained yesterday for Europe).

That said, the tickets are still at a rather good price for going to a faraway and isolated island. So, going there cheaply would work by simply being flexible with your dates. Flexibility is key for finding cheap flight deals; it’s not complicated (not necessarily easy, but not complicated).

We’re talking around $1,100 roundtrip which is obviously very expensive still (especially since at this price you could to anywhere in Asia with finding a good deal!). Except with Asia, even though it’s far, it’s far more popular and the ticket prices have nothing to do with distance.

Therefore, by following our steps for finding the cheapest dates for a destination, you will find dates at or around $1,100 very easily. 


Pics of Mauritius


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Une publication partagée par Mauritius (@mauritius) le


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Une publication partagée par Mauritius (@mauritius) le



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What do you think of this optical illusion? Have you ever seen something similar?


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