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If you were planning on going to Europe, this is the BEST time to book! WOW air is currently running a sale with 40% off flights to Iceland and Europe from Toronto and Montreal!!! Now, that is crazy cheap to fly to another continent!

As you now know, every day we spot the best flight deals to go to Europe on our flight deal page. Those are usually around $450 roundtrip from Toronto and Montreal. Sometimes they are in the $300s, which is pretty cheap!

But today, with this incredible sale, the prices have dropped even lower! It’s definitely the best time to book a flight to Europe, and by the way, it’s a wonderful place to visit even in the fall. The flights are not only cheaper during this time of year, but accommodation options and activities tend to be as well.

Yes, it’s colder than during the summer vacations, but there are also much fewer tourists, that alone can make your Eurotrip much more pleasant. At $320, it’s still worth going on a European getaway even if it’s only for a week.

Europe is closer than you think, and at the end of this article, we’ll show you how you can even use this deal to go to Spain, Greece or any other European country where the weather is a bit better… at a very low price.

Promo Code 40% Off WOW air: Europe for Only $305

As you probably know by now, we really appreciate it when you use our links to book (not only our flight deals but also any flights, hotels, car rentals, or even any online purchase on Amazon or Walmart or credit card application). It’s always free for you and it’s the best way to support us and enable us to keep finding the best flight deals for you, so once again, thank you!

It this particular case, the only way to get the promotion is by using the WOW air website directly, but we wanted to share it with you anyway (even if we don’t get any commission) because it’s really a wonderful deal for you! Our first priority and our mission is to make it possible for everyone to travel more, for less and that will never change!

Unfortunately, that means we can’t spot all the dates and list them for you in a convenient and turnkey way like we usually do every single day for all our other deals. You’ll have to search on your own, but at this price, it’s worth the extra effort. And at least the website lets you see the price for one full week at a time.

So, many WOW air flights are 40% off with the promo code “WOWSALE” until 8PM (Eastern) on August 27th, for flights between August 27th and December 15th (roundtrips only).

As usual, the airline can only discount the portion of the the flight price before taxes, so it’s 40% off the cost of the flight before taxes.

The final price of many flights comes out as low as $305 roundtrip… which is ridiculously cheap!! Many people pay more than that to go to Florida, and today for the same price you can fly to Europe.

Iceland is only $203 roundtrip, cheaper than a Toronto-Montreal flight… completely insane!

We went to Europe a couple of times recently and flew on WOW air, so we can tell you from experience that even if it is an ultra low-cost carrier, the on-board experience is great and the planes are brand-new!

Yes you need to travel light, but the service is excellent and you will appreciate it, we definitely recommend them. You won’t see much of a difference compared to a regular airline… other than the fact you’ll save hundreds of dollars of course!!!

You can read our detailed review of our WOW air flight experience, I’ve been on 12 of their flights, I have a pretty good sample size.

So here is the detailed explanation on how to take advantage of this sale.

Step 1

Use our usual deal pages below to find some of the cheapest dates that fit your schedule (the 40% off isn’t applied there)

Or you can simply find even more dates manually by playing around with the search feature on WOW’s site directly (there are a lot more)

Brussels $399 now $305
Amsterdam $429 now $320
Barcelona $529 now $318
Stockholm 399$ now $312
Copenhagen 419$ now $339
Dublin now $315
Iceland $299 now 203$

There are other WOW air destinations at similar prices directly on WOW’s website, like Frankfurt, London, Berlin, etc.

And don’t forget that there are more than 100 destinations in Europe where you could fly under $500 roundtrip if you use our trick below!

Step 2

Go to WOW air website directly and enter the cheap dates then enter the promo code “WOWSALE”. Before 8PM on the 27th (but the best dates will be gone quickly, as is always the case with any flight deal).

You’ll see the price change automatically to go down as low as $305 roundtrip, which is ridiculously low for a flight to Europe.

Again, it’s not as turn-key as our usual deals where we give you the link to book directly, but there are quite a few available if you search.

More Destinations in Europe?

Don’t forget that from almost any city in Europe you can catch a flight to many more destinations for less than $200 roundtrip if you want to go to a destination that is not in this deal. As an example, from Paris, Venice is often only $40 roundtrip, Bologna $40, Milan $40, Barcelona $40, Portugal $48, Poland $60… and many many more!

First find a low-price deal to Europe, and then search for flights from that city to your desired destination by playing around with the dates and search on our advanced search tool to find the best price! We covered that technique in detail in this blog post.

Bottom Line

This promo is only valid only until August 27th and these are some of the lowest prices we’ve seen to Europe. Treat yourself to a nice European getaway this fall. If you were looking for a cheap place to go to in the next months, this option is really hard to beat!

Any questions? Ask them in the comments below.

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