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We’ve talked about this a few times already, but it never ceases to amaze our readers: Canada is definitely not as big as maps have led you to believe for most of your life. And this new animation (and this new map) gives you a brand new way to see it easily.

I am not sure it even has anything to do with the fact that we love to travel, but we really love maps. 

They help us better visualize and understand the world we live in.

So in addition to the crazy airplane ticket prices we spot on our cheap flight deals page and our travel tips and inspiration articles, we often share maps that might be interesting to you.

The interactive map that shows you Canada’s true size was an incredible hit, so here are two similar ones you’ll love.


The True Size Of Countries (Easy To See)

A reddit user developed this animated gif that easily and clearly shows you how incredibly misleading regular maps are.

Here’s the true size of every country (animation).

True Size of every country animation (Photo Credit: neilrkaye)


Pretty crazy to see how Canada shrinks when it’s shown as an animation like that (and Greenland is pretty intense too).

You can also easily see the comparison on this image with both projections overlapping.

Mercator Projection vs. True Size Projection (Photo Credit: neilrkaye)


I won’t explain the optical illusion caused by regular maps all over again, you can read it in our article about the interactive map that let’s you see every country’s true size.

The premise of all of this is that the Earth is round. And that two-dimensional maps don’t portray a globe too well. Especially countries far from the Equator.

That’s why the so-called True Size projection is way more relevant!


Bottom Line

The true size of countries is vastly different from the one we learn about with traditional maps and this animation shows it clearly (as does the map).

Do you have any questions about the true size of countries?


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