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Our primary mission is to find the best deals on plane tickets, but we also like to share other ways that you can save on everything related to travel. Here is a simple way to get $25 off any hotel booking.

Every major destination has tens of thousands of different hotel rooms to choose from, in addition to hostels, Airbnbs, etc. That’s why we let you book your own accommodations: there are so many options that can range from $5 a night to $5,000 a night… it’s up to you… we cannot know what each and every traveler wants in terms of experience, there are just too many options (unlike flights).

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That’s why we offer search tools for hotels so you can see all those options at the best available price, while supporting us through our referral links (it is always at no cost to you). It allows you to help us continue to find cheap deals and share great content. We thank you for using our links, we appreciate it!

Today, we wanted to share this interesting promotion: you can get $25 for free with any hotel or hostel reservation (of $50 minimum). Same thing for Airbnb: you can get $45 free with our link (and same for Uber).

This is similar to our referral code to get $50 free for a few minutes of work, which we shared a few weeks ago.


Link to Get Your Free $25

You must follow these steps to get your free $25.


Step 1: Go to through this link

You will see the following message on the screen :


Step 2: Book a hotel with the search tool offers plenty of filters and options to find from an impressive variety of accommodation types. There is no expiration date for this referral link, so you can save it to your bookmarks and come back to it when you are ready to book.

With any booking of $50 minimum, you’ll get the $25 bonus. And almost always has the lowest price too!


Step 3: Receive Your $25 After Your Stay

You must, of course, complete the stay before receiving the amount. So make sure you do not cancel the hotel, or if you have to cancel it, return to our link on this page to try again for your next stay.



Here is a very simple way to get $25 for free.

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