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You might know Flytrippers from our many appearances in the Canadian mainstream media as travel experts or from the 50% off flight deals we spot, but there’s another very important aspect to our mission of helping you travel for less! 

Yes, that’s travel rewards: did you know that since we launched just a few years ago, travelers who follow us have earned a whopping 1 million dollars in welcome bonuses? 

That’s a lot of free travel!

Here’s why you should stop missing out and why that million-dollar figure makes us so much happier than the thousands of dollars we’ve earned ourselves for our own trips.


How people like you earned 1 million dollars

Yes, you read that right; 1 million dollars!

That’s just with welcome bonuses

And just with the best credit cards in Canada that we’ve recommended, because we only recommend the very best deals… the ones with huge welcome bonuses.

The fact is, it’s so easy to earn lots of free travel when you know that welcome bonuses exist. 

Welcome bonuses are key; it’s one of the 6 basic things to understand about travel rewards.

Like right now, with the record-breaking summer deals, there’s one that gives you a net value of ≈ $1,211 with the welcome bonus from just one card! That’s absolutely amazing!


Why that million-dollar statistic is important

We’re so happy about that million-dollar stat, since helping you travel more for less is literally Flytrippers’ mission, as I said in the intro… 

Travel rewards are such a huge part of doing that.

So, how much did you earn in welcome bonuses? 

I, for one, get well over $1,000 every year, and I’ve now earned over $20,000 in free travel after 10+ years of doing this hobby.

If you want to stop missing out, now’s a really great time to get started very easily!


How you too can join those who have earned 1 million dollars

It’s easier than it sounds!

First, you can sign up for our free webinar for beginners! You’ll learn a ton of things.



You can also read the 6 basics of travel rewards if you prefer.



You can check out the incredible summer deals to take advantage of one of the 13 cards currently worth a net value of $533+ — an incredible number of great offers all at once!



Otherwise, you can always refer to our ranking of the best credit cards in Canada, which has plenty of sub-categories to help you choose the best card for your needs and preferences.



Each card has its own very detailed page (and more content is coming for each) to give you all the information you could want, for example about the American Express Gold Card, which is a great one for beginners right now.



We also have a preview of how to choose your next card, while you wait for more content on that (including videos).



To get started, make sure to download our free checklist for getting a new card; it’ll also give you a template to stay organized.


Finally, if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask them at!


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Since Flytrippers launched, our readers have earned over 1 million dollars in welcome bonuses! That’s huge! And we’ve got lots of tips and tools to help you get a lot of free travel too!

What would you like to know about travel rewards? Tell us in the comments below.


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