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London is one of the world’s most visited cities, and for good reason. An iconic and incredible destination, everyone should experience London at least once. Since we often have deals to London (and you can win free flights there from Montreal or Toronto with our giveaway until Sunday), here are a few photos that will make you want to visit this city.

Indeed, since we are giving away two flights to London (or Stockholm) on Sunday for a summer trip, we wanted to help you discover this country through beautiful pictures (we did the same for Sweden this week). Remember, our giveaway is open to all even though you must make your way to either Toronto or Montreal to grab those free flights, as WOW air only flies to those airports.

But even if you don’t win, if you’re flexible with your dates, you could definitely find a cheap flight to London as it is often featured on our cheap flight deals page, from almost all major Canadian cities.

Beware though, this is not an affordable destination once you get there. No, you won’t see London anytime soon in our ranking of the most affordable destinations to travel to (Part 3 of the ranking will be published early next week).

Since it is an expensive country, the best thing to do is to combine a trip there with a trip to Eastern Europe for example. You get a 2-in-1 trip by building your own multi-ticket itinerary, as I did all three times I went to Europe in the past year.

We explain exactly how to do that in this article, but the important thing to know is that just about every destination in Europe is accessible for under $200 roundtrip from London (so you could use a $500 roundtrip deal from Canada to London + a $200 roundtrip from London to anywhere in Europe). That $700 price tag is much lower than buying the same itinerary on one same booking.

It allows you to visit a more affordable destination and also visit London for a day or two when arriving and a day or two when leaving. The best of both worlds. Or you can explore the country at greater length by getting out of the capital city and enjoying other parts of England. That being said, in our Sweden article, we focused on natural attractions so this time we’ll concentrate on London city specifically.

So here are the 10 photos that will make you want to go to London, whether or not you win our giveaway.


1- Big Ben


2- Tower Bridge


3- Westminster Abbey



4- St. Paul’s Cathedral


5- Regent Street


6- The Queen’s Guard


7- The Gherkin



8- Red Phone Booths & Red Double-Deckers


9- Old Royal Naval College


10- London Eye


BONUS- Buckingham Palace


Bottom line

You should check out London as a great way to combine two destinations in one epic trip, especially given the cheap flights from there to Eastern Europe.

Any questions? Ask us in the comments below.

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