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Aeroplan post announcing the winner (Photo Credit: Aeroplan)

A Flytrippers reader just won ONE MILLION Aeroplan miles, which is worth up to 40 free roundtrip flights in North America, thanks to our blog (and you could too).

For a while now, we’ve been sharing blog posts (in addition to our daily flight deals) to give you travel tips, to inspire you but also to tell you when there are great travel-related opportunities in general.

About 10 days ago, we posted an article about the chance to win one million miles (that’s a lot of free flights) thanks to an awesome Aeroplan contest.

Well, thanks to that article, one of our loyal readers participated and won the first of five prizes. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this one million miles prize is (and the great thing is that you can still enter to win: keep reading I’ll get back to it in a minute).


We were so happy to receive a message from Marjo, from Montreal, who wrote to tell us she had won after hearing about the contest through our blog (you can follow her trips on Instagram).


Flytripper  won the first of five prizes

It’s so great to know that our article was useful and helped a Flytrippers fan win such a great travel prize !!! Seriously, this is what motivates us, helping you like this (and also all the Canadians who write to tell us that they booked a great flight deal thanks to us).

Aeroplan Facebook post announcing the winner (Photo Credit: Aeroplan)


So before I tell you how you can take part too (and maybe keep this Flytrippers winning streak going), Marjo was nice enough to take the time and tell me a bit more about her story online.

I am sharing her initial message, just because it is honestly heart-warming to read that we help you travel more (it’s our mission)… and to remind you that you should follow us regularly ?

You do exceptional work and this proves that your advice and information are essential for Canadian travelers! And I follow you regularly, it really paid off thanks again!!
We’re so happy for Marjo, and it’s only the beginning. You can count on us to keep finding great deals and sharing useful links like that one, so you can take advantage! If you to have booked a crazy deal thanks to us for example, write it on our Facebook page to let us know! It’s such a pleasure to read that kind of message !!!


By the way, you can help us in our mission to make travel more accessible by sharing our Facebook page and you can also help YOURSELF by subscribing to our free newsletter! That way you’ll never miss a great opportunity, like this contest and all others that are upcoming… and of course: our great flight deals, often over 50% off the regular price. And here’s a quick scoop about our own Flytrippers contests: we’ll be announcing the winner of our Canada 150 photo contest this week… and there is a new one coming soon too. Don’t miss it!


So I asked Marjo if she could tell us what she planned to do with her prize of one million Aeroplan miles.


As a reminder, one million miles is a huge amount! It’s enough for:

– 40 roundtrip flights to California (or anywhere in North America)
– 16 roundtrip flights to Italy (or anywhere in Western Europe)
– 22 roundtrip flights to Hawaii (or anywhere in the Caribbean)
– 11 roundtrip flights to Thailand (or anywhere in Asia/Pacific)
(You can learn more about airline miles in our introduction to travel hacking here)

Obviously, this is all very recent for Marjo and she’ll have much more time to decide what to do with that many miles and free trips. But her immediate plans are to travel to Spain with her twin sister and also to get away for a big trip to Western Canada. That’s without even mentioning here trip to Denmark that was already booked!

As you can see, there will be a lot of traveling for Marjo, lucky her (in this case, we can actually use that wording)!


You too could win lots of plane tickets

You could win the exact same prize, because they are giving away one million miles five times (one million in five consecutive weeks) and this was just the first one.

The second contest period ends tonight at midnight, so participate now… and then do it again for the next three weeks and who knows, you could be the next one to win this huge prize (it certainly can happen, it just did to one of our fans).

All you need to do is to follow the instructions below and share a travel photo (which you probably already do quite often on social media anyways) like the one Marjo used to win: a picture of her during a great trip to Costa Rica which she told me she particularly enjoyed since she was able to meet a lot of other travel enthusiasts over there!

How to participate

To win, you must use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your travel memories.

Here are the official instructions for the contest:


By the way, if you could also add #Flytrippers and @Flytrippers to give us a shout-out, we’d definitely appreciate it ?

You can also click here for the official contest page.

Bottom line

One of our readers will be traveling a whole lot thanks to us and thanks to Aeroplan. And hopefully you can too.

You should probably start travel hacking by earning miles the hard way too, just in case. But there’s still no reason to not take part since one million miles is such a huge prize!

Where would you go? Tell us in the comments!

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