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More travel? Who could say no that? Here’s a couple of ways you might be lucky and get to travel for free.

If you’re anything like me (or anybody else right?), you probably wish you could travel more. Our flight deals page is a great first step to save money on the plane ticket price, but even with prices often up to 50% off, no one has an unlimited travel budget right?

That being said, since our mission here at Flytrippers is to help you travel more, we thought we should share this in case you might be interested by these few contests that could get on your way… for free!

Air Canada Million Mile Giveaway

Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance, is celebrating 20 years of existence. Each one of its 21 members, including Air Canada, are giving away one million miles to one lucky person.

One million miles is a huge amount. Just to give you an idea, a free flight to anywhere in North America requires only 25,000 miles. Europe is only 60,000 miles. Imagine what you could do with one million.

You can participate by clicking here.

And even if you don’t win, you should consider starting to accumulate miles yourself, which is called travel hacking. For example, there is currently a credit card that is free for the first year, and gives you a free flight to anywhere in North America. There are also tons of other great options, follow our Travel Hacking section for more tips on this hobby in the coming weeks and start by reading our article Introduction to Travel Hacking.

Marriott Canada 150 Giveaway

The largest hotel chain in the world, Marriott happens to be my favourite chain, for many reasons. To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, the company is giving away a complete trip somewhere in Canada to one lucky person.

You need to choose which vacation package you would like to win, with 10 options from one coast to another. Each prize includes three nights in a Marriott hotel, roundtrip flights, money to spend as well as local activities. You can participate every day, and invite your friends for more chances to win.

You can participate by clicking here.

Starwood, another great hotel chain that Marriott bought, is also running an identical contest, with different prizes. You can participate in that one too by clicking here.

Bottom Line

While your chances to win contests like this aren’t very high ultimately, it can’t hurt to try, if only to dream a little. And you only need a few minutes to spare.

Have you ever won a contest like this? Share your story below.

Do you like being informed of theses contests? Please tell us in the comments below so we know if we should write more posts like this!


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