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South America is a very large continent that is often overlooked by travelers who prefer to go to Europe or Asia. Having spent a couple of months there last Fall, I can tell you it’s an amazing place to visit… especially if you’re on a budget.

We often post deals to certain South American countries on our flight deals page (the most frequent ones are Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia). While other destinations don’t come on sale at 50% off very often (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, etc.), that may soon change with the new Ultra Low-Cost Carrier (ULCC) connections planned to South America.

This continent is huge so the following points might be more applicable to the 3 countries that I’ve visited here so far: Colombia, Ecuador & Peru. Here are the Top 5 reasons to consider visiting South America as quickly as possible.

1. The Cost of Living is Probably Lower Than Where You Live

True to our mission of making you travel more for less, this travel option should be of great interest to you. Your largest expense will undoubtedly be your plane ticket to get here. The food is really affordable, you can eat a complete meal (soup + main dish + drink + sometimes dessert) for under $4 US in some countries.

The local transportation options (bus, subway, etc.) are all very cheap. There are even ultra low-cost carriers that are starting to emerge for the local flights too! In countries with no ULCCs yet, flying is still quite expensive though.

Most importantly, accommodations are also super cheap, as you can get hostels for $5-$10 US and hotels under $40.

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2. The Landscapes Are Breathtaking

The landscapes are simply magnificent, and completely different whether you are in the Antioquia’s hills, the Galápagos Islands, Peru’s desert or Amazonia!

3. The People Are Really Nice And Friendly

Latinos have a reputation of being very warm people and they truly are. It’s worth it to connect with locals during your trip to get to know their culture a bit more.

An easy way to do so is to participate in a language exchange night, very common in Medellín for example. The locals come to learn English and the gringos, to learn Spanish. I made great friends there!

4. You’ll Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Want a total change of scenery? Fly to South America for a couple of weeks, but don’t forget to get out of the large urban areas. Those cities are modern and can look like any other modern city around the world, whether you’re in Toronto, New York, Lima or Bangkok.

Go off the beaten path and go see where the locals really live, in the most typical neighborhoods of the city or its surrounding villages. You can often book organized day trips that go take you out of those city centers.

5. It Is Very Diverse

Finally, this continent really has everything! Exotic animals (penguins and marine iguanas are only 2 examples, see below), crazy landscapes and local customs that are different in every place you visit.

Bottom Line

South America is a wonderful continent that should really be on your bucket list! So… when is your next trip?

Questions, comments? Let us know below!

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Posted November 11 2017, updated September 13 2018

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