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We receive hundreds of messages every week and unfortunately, we don’t have time to answer each and every one of them (although we try as best we can).

This blog is our main tool to provide you with travel advice and also to answer the most frequently asked questions about our cheap flight deals… and travel in general.

So today, let’s look at one of the questions we are most often asked:

Will there be a deal for [insert destination here]?

The vast majority of the questions you guys ask us can be answered. To see if a question has already been answered here, you can use the search function of this blog (the magnifying glass in the upper right corner).

We are also working on building a directory of all our articles, to help you find lots of answers by yourself, and revamping our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to at least double the number of questions in it. Finally, in the coming weeks we’ll also launch a new way to ask your questions, follow us on Facebook to know when it is ready.

So that being said, we can answer many questions as travel industry experts, but this question can simply not be answered.

There is also another one that is similar: “Are there deals for [insert destination here]?

We will talk about that one just after, the answer is quite simple. And we’ll add two important things at the end of this blog post.

Here’s why we can’t tell you if there will be deals.

Why Can’t We Tell You If There Will Be a Deal for Your Destination?

It’s really important that you understand the following if you use the Flytrippers website to find cheap plane tickets. The deals we display are plane tickets that are very often 30%, 40%, 50% (or even more) cheaper than the regular price.

These are deeply-discounted deals.

They don’t last long, they’re extremely far from the regular price and these are exceptionally low prices, so they follow no pricing rules (we’ll explain in detail why these kinds of deals occur and why they expire quickly in an upcoming article).

We simply don’t know if there will be a deal for your specific destination, and we can’t know because no one can know it.

Yes, there’s a way to predict with a certain level of confidence the regular and normal variations in plane ticket prices, i.e. regular prices. Like predicting when flights to Peru will be $600 instead of $700 from Montreal for example. That’s a topic for a future article.

But our deals’ prices aren’t in this regular and normal price range, they are significantly cheaper, so it’s truly unpredictable. I was able to fly to Peru for only $389 roundtrip last summer. Nobody can predict when such a low price will come back. No one.

In short, these are prices in a league of their own, they have nothing to do with the regular prices and so they are absolutely not predictable, unfortunately.

The only way not to miss a deal is to monitor prices every day. We know that no one has time to do that! You’d have to happen be on the website of the right airline, looking at the right dates for the right destination at the right time, at precisely the moment a crazy deal is published. By the way, deals often last only a few hours … so your chances of just magically stumbling upon them are pretty low.

That’s exactly why we launched Flytrippers: so that no matter what the deal is, we spot it for you and post it on our deals page so you can see it before it expires. You can obviously follow us on Facebook (make sure to follow the page for your city, like Flytrippers Toronto if you are in Toronto, to only see deals relevant to you).

But more importantly, visit our website regularly because we only put the best deals of the day on Facebook (and Facebook does not show each post to all our followers…), there is always a lot more directly on our site. And you can also subscribe to our newsletters to receive them by e-mail, along with 25,000 other Canadian travel enthusiasts!

And now, the other question…


Why Don’t We Answer When We Are Asked If There Is a Deal for a Specific Destination

That was the answer (or the non-answer) to the question of whether there will be a deal.

But we are often asked if there is a deal for [insert destination here].

We think what people want to know when they ask us that question is what we just explained, they want to know when will we have this deal (we hope).

But if this is not the case, we are taking the opportunity to answer this one too, while we’re on the subject.

If you are wondering if there is a deal, the answer is super simple: check out our deals page. If there is a deal, it will be on the deals page.

If there’s no deal for your destination on the deals page, then there are no deals today. Are we going to get some soon? See the previous section ?.

But above all, we want to repeat this here because it’s very important and that’s why we have the 5 icons above our deals page to explain how deals work:

Deals are updated daily so they literally change every single day. So even if your destination is not discounted today, it may be tomorrow. How will you know? See the previous section ?.

We don’t hide deals anywhere else, rest assured, they are all published if we find them. That said, there are two important things to know (especially the second point).

Last Two Points

First of all, even if we can’t predict deals, we still have a lot of experience in the world of airfare deals, and that gives us some idea of the prices that might be possible or the times when they’re more likely to be found.

Unfortunately, we can’t spend our whole days answering all the specific requests we get, however, we will continue to share our knowledge via this blog. You can also read our article on how much time in advance you should buy a plane ticket and also which day of the week to buy it.

Secondly, you can sometimes find good price on your own even if they’re not on our deals. If it’s not on our page, it’s because it doesn’t fit our price criteria, so we don’t display it. We focus on deals at very low prices, but to find other prices that can sometimes be interesting to you, we have a simple search tool that compares many sites to get the best price available for any given destination and date.

For example, apparently a lot of people find it normal to pay $1,500 to go to Asia from Eastern Canada, if that’s your case, maybe a $990 price would be interesting to you. But on our site, we won’t post it because it’s too expensive for our criteria (we’ve spotted a few Asia deals at only $499 roundtrip and many under $699), but you could always check out our tool to see how expensive a destination is.


Bottom Line

Deals are complex, let’s hope that this article clarified how deals work and why we cannot predict them for some of you!

What do you think? Do you have any questions?

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