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We don’t often share hotel deals (for the 4 main reasons I’ll share in another post soon for those interested). But yesterday and today, a cool boutique hotel chain is having a flash sale for just a few hours, with many nights at only US$30 (≈ C$38) for stays from now until July 31st. They have 32 locations, with 30 in the US and also 2 in the UK.

This is a straightforward hotel sale, not a travel rewards deal like the one that gives you a whopping 8 free nights for $120 total (that one requires you to travel to destinations with a more affordable cost of living).

This hotel sale is great if you’re planning a US (or UK) trip in the next 2 months. Some hotels are within driving distance of many Canadian cities too. 

Here are all the details.


Graduate Hotels summer sale

I’ve heard a lot of great things about these hotels and was very tempted to book one if I didn’t already have literally 9 trips booked for the rest of 2022 (sign up to our free newsletter to get our upcoming ultimate guide on how to travel more for less so you can stop thinking that traveling just 3-4 times a year is normal).

Graduate Hotels is a chain of university-themed boutique hotels, as you can probably tell by the name. They’re all located close to major universities, and they mainly market to travelers who want to be near those universities.

June and July are pretty quiet months for universities, so they’re offering many nights for just US$30 for their Summer Sale.

Here are the highlights of this sale:

  • Book online with promo code SUMMER30
  • Book with one of the few cards with no foreign transaction fees
  • Until 6 PM Eastern today
  • Stays until July 31st
  • Maximum of 5 consecutive nights per booking
  • Not all nights are at US$30, but there’s a calendar view
  • You can also get 30% off the other nights
    • Use promo code MORESUMMER
    • That’s not really a good deal
  • There are 32 hotels (the full list is below)
    • 30 in the US
    • 2 in the UK
  • In a few of the hotels, weekend nights are excluded
    • 23 of the 32 hotels have no exclusions, but weekend dates get booked fast
    • 9 of the 32 hotels are offering the deal from Sunday-Thursday
  • Rate is non-refundable and prepaid in full
  • Taxes are not included (almost always the case with hotels, unlike flights)

Many hotels are in really fun and popular cities (looking at you, Nashville), and others are in typical college towns. 

Having been to 47 US states, I can tell you that college towns are often among the coolest ones.

Map of hotel locations (image credit: Graduate Hotels)


The hotels with an asterisk are those only available at US$30 from Sunday to Thursday.

Here’s a full list of locations in the Northeastern US:

  • Providence, Rhode Island*
  • Storrs, Connecticut
  • New Haven, Connecticut
  • NYC (Roosevelt Island), New York*
  • Annapolis, Maryland*
  • State College, Pennsylvania

Here’s a full list of locations in the US Midwest:

  • Ann Arbor, Michigan*
  • East Landing, Michigan
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Bloomington, Indiana
  • Evanston, Illinois
  • Iowa City, Iowa
  • Lincoln, Nebraska

Here’s a full list of locations in the Southern US:

  • Charlottesville, Virginia*
  • Richmond, Virginia*
  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina*
  • Columbia, South Carolina
  • Nashville, Tennessee*
  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Fayetteville, Arkansas
  • Athens, Georgia
  • Oxford, Mississippi

Here’s a full list of locations in the Western US:

  • Seattle, Washington
  • Eugene, Oregon
  • Berkeley, California
  • Tempe, Arizona
  • Tucson, Arizona

And here are the UK locations:

  • Cambridge
  • Oxford*

I’ll just note that another option in Oxford is the Courtyard Oxford. It looks like a great use of Marriott points if you’re among the thousands of readers who already took advantage of that deal.

This Graduate Hotels sale happened last summer too. So just in case you’re interested, they also have 3 locations opening soon that might be options for you during the next summer sale:

  • Princeton, New Jersey
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Palo Alto, California


How to find dates and book the deal

The Graduate Hotels sale page is very user-friendly. They list all the hotels by region.

Hotel list (image credit: Graduate Hotels)










I looked into the New Haven location, as my girlfriend and I enjoyed our first trip on the Connecticut coast a few summers ago.

The calendar clearly shows you which dates are available for US$30 until July 31st in one glance.

Promo code (image credit: Graduate Hotels)


As you can see, the promo code is already entered automatically too. 

Promo code (image credit: Graduate Hotels)


All you have left to do is book, same as for the many hotels you’ve probably booked before.


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Until 6 PM tonight, you can book stays in cool boutique hotels for just US$30 per night in many US cities (and 2 in the UK as well). This could be a great option if you’re planning a summer getaway and are sure you can get there without breaking the bank.

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Featured image: The Graduate East Lansing (photo credit: Graduate Hotels)

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