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To get more free hotel nights for the same amount of Marriott Bonvoy points, the key is to choose hotels in the lowest categories. That’s a great way to maximize their value. All Canadians get easily get 11 completely free nights (or 22 nights with a travel buddy) by planning trips around the 274 Marriott category 1 hotels.

In this post, I’ll share the full list of Marriott category 1 hotels you can choose from around the world.

If you prefer the curated turnkey version, check out the 5 best countries for Marriott category 1 hotels where I just show you the absolute best countries you can plan a trip around, and we’ll have a lot more content about these hotels and destinations soon too (including our recommendations and some itineraries).

Remember that if you want a lot more options, you can instead choose from 1,100 Marriott category 2 hotels in 50+ countries if you don’t mind getting a bit fewer nights (still a pretty great deal).


Marriott basics

As a reminder, right now there are great increased welcome bonuses on the:

Those give you 11 free nights in any of the 274 Marriott category 1 hotels by staying in 5-night increments (because of Marriott’s “Stay for 5, Pay for 4” policy), at least on a majority of dates.

A free night in a Marriott category 1 hotel can only have 3 possible prices:

  • Standard price: 7,500 points (majority of dates)
  • Peak price: 10,000 points
  • Off-Peak price: 5,000 points

So in short, by far the best way to get more free hotel stays is to prioritize staying in Marriott category 1 hotels. You can read our introduction to the Marriott Bonvoy rewards program for more information.

Here are the hotels you can choose from and exactly where they are located.


Full list of Marriott category 1 hotels

Here is the full list of Marriott category 1 hotels for 2022, sortable by country, region, or brand (by clicking on the column title). Additional data coming soon.

Protea Hotel ConstantineAlgeriaConstantineMiddle East/N. AfricaProteaTBD
Sheraton Tucuman HotelArgentinaTucumanSouth AmericaSheratonUrban resort
Four Points by Sheraton Edmonton SouthCanada (Alberta)EdmontonCanadaFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Sherwood ParkCanada (Alberta)Sherwood ParkCanadaFour PointsTBD
TownePlace Suites Fort McMurrayCanada (Alberta)Fort McMurrayCanadaTownePlaceTBD
TownePlace Suites Medicine HatCanada (Alberta)Medicine HatCanadaTownePlaceTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites WinnipegCanada (Manitoba)WinnipegCanadaFairfieldTBD
TownePlace Suites PetawawaCanada (Ontario)PetawawaCanadaTownePlaceTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Baoding High-Tech ZoneChinaBaodingChinaFairfieldTBD
Four Points by Sheraton BijieChinaBijieChinaFour PointsTBD
Courtyard BoluoChinaBoluo HuizhouChinaCourtyardTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Changchun, Hi-Tech ZoneChinaChangchunChinaFour PointsTBD
Courtyard Changsha SouthChinaChangshaChinaCourtyardTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Changsha, Meixi LakeChinaChangshaChinaFour PointsTBD
Aloft Chengdu Shixiang LakeChinaChengduChinaAloftTBD
Courtyard Chengdu SouthChinaChengduChinaCourtyardTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Chengdu Tianfu New AreaChinaChengduChinaFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Chengdu, AnrenChinaChengduChinaFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Chengdu, Pujiang ResortChinaChengduChinaFour PointsTBD
Sheraton Chuzhou HotelChinaChuzhouChinaSheratonTBD
Aloft DalianChinaDalianChinaAloftTBD
Four Points by Sheraton DanzhouChinaDanzhouChinaFour PointsTBD
Sheraton Daqing HotelChinaDaqingChinaSheratonTBD
Aloft Dongguan Dynamic TownChinaDongguanChinaAloftTBD
Aloft Dongguan Songshan LakeChinaDongguanChinaAloftTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Dongguan ChangpingChinaDongguanChinaFairfieldTBD
Courtyard Shanghai FengxianChinaFengxianChinaCourtyardTBD
Aloft Nanhai, FoshanChinaFoshanChinaAloftTBD
Courtyard Shunde LongjiangChinaFoshanChinaCourtyardTBD
Element Foshan NanhaiChinaFoshanChinaElementTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Foshan NanhaiChinaFoshanChinaFairfieldTBD
AC Hotel Ganzhou QuannanChinaGanzhouChinaAC HotelTBD
Aloft Guangzhou University ParkChinaGuangzhouChinaAloftTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Guangzhou Tianhe ParkChinaGuangzhouChinaFairfieldTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Guilin, LinguiChinaGuilinChinaFour PointsTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Guiyang Exhibition CentreChinaGuiyangChinaFairfieldTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Guiyang GuanshanhuChinaGuiyangChinaFairfieldTBD
Fairfield by Marriott HaidongChinaHaidongChinaFairfieldTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Hangzhou XintiandiChinaHangzhouChinaFairfieldTBD
Sheraton Harbin Xiangfang HotelChinaHarbinChinaSheratonTBD
Courtyard JiangyinChinaJiangyinChinaCourtyardTBD
Four Points by Sheraton JiaxingChinaJiaxingChinaFour PointsTBD
Fairfield by Marriott JingdezhenChinaJingdezhenChinaFairfieldTBD
Fairfield by Marriott JingzhouChinaJingzhouChinaFairfieldTBD
Delta Hotels KunmingChinaKunmingChinaDeltaTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Kunming XinyingChinaKunmingChinaFairfieldTBD
Courtyard KunshanChinaKunshanChinaCourtyardTBD
Sheraton Langfang Chaobai River HotelChinaLangfangChinaSheratonTBD
Four Points by Sheraton LiupanshuiChinaLiupanshuiChinaFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton LuoheChinaLuoheChinaFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton MachengChinaMachengChinaFour PointsTBD
Element MileChinaMileChinaElementTBD
Courtyard Nanjing JiangningChinaNanjingChinaCourtyardTBD
Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou HotelChinaQingdaoChinaSheratonTBD
Courtyard Shanghai HongqiaoChinaShanghaiChinaCourtyardTBD
Courtyard Shanghai JiadingChinaShanghaiChinaCourtyardTBD
Courtyard Shanghai MinhangChinaShanghaiChinaCourtyardTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Shanghai HongqiaoChinaShanghaiChinaFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Shanghai JiadingChinaShanghaiChinaFour PointsTBD
Moxy Shanghai Hongqiao CBDChinaShanghaiChinaMoxyTBD
Sheraton Shanghai FengxianChinaShanghaiChinaSheratonTBD
Courtyard XinchangChinaShaoxingChinaCourtyardTBD
Renaissance Shenyang West HotelChinaShenyangChinaRenaissanceTBD
Sheraton Shenyang South City HotelChinaShenyangChinaSheratonTBD
Courtyard Suzhou MuduChinaSuzhouChinaCourtyardTBD
Element Suzhou Science and Technology TownChinaSuzhouChinaElementTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Suzhou High-Tech ZoneChinaSuzhouChinaFairfieldTBD
Four Points by Sheraton TaicangChinaSuzhouChinaFour PointsTBD
Courtyard TaiyuanChinaTaiyuanChinaCourtyardTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Taiyuan SouthChinaTaiyuanChinaFairfieldTBD
Courtyard Jiangsu TaizhouChinaTaizhouChinaCourtyardTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Taizhou BayChinaTaizhouChinaFairfieldTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Taizhou City CentreChinaTaizhouChinaFairfieldTBD
Zhejiang Taizhou Marriott HotelChinaTaizhouChinaMarriottTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Wuchuan, Loong BayChinaWuchuanChinaFour PointsTBD
Courtyard Wuxi Lihu LakeChinaWuxiChinaCourtyardTBD
Courtyard XiamenChinaXiamenChinaCourtyardTBD
Courtyard Xiamen HaicangChinaXiamenChinaCourtyardTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Xiamen, Wuyuan BayChinaXiamenChinaFour PointsTBD
Courtyard Xi'an NorthChinaXi'anChinaCourtyardTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Xi’an North StationChinaXi'anChinaFairfieldTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Xining NorthChinaXiningChinaFairfieldTBD
Aloft YanchengChinaYanchengChinaAloftTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Yangzhou, HanjiangChinaYangzhouChinaFour PointsTBD
Courtyard YinchuanChinaYinchuanChinaCourtyardTBD
Sheraton YinchuanChinaYinchuanChinaSheratonTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Taizhou, YuhuanChinaYuhuan TaizhouChinaFour PointsTBD
Courtyard Wenzhou YueqingChinaZhejiangChinaCourtyardTBD
Aloft Zhengzhou ShangjieChinaZhengzhouChinaAloftTBD
Aloft Zhengzhou Zhengdong New DistrictChinaZhengzhouChinaAloftTBD
Courtyard Zhengzhou AirportChinaZhengzhouChinaCourtyardTBD
Courtyard Zhengzhou EastChinaZhengzhouChinaCourtyardTBD
Zhuzhou Marriott HotelChinaZhuzhouChinaMarriottTBD
Four Points by Sheraton CaliColombiaCaliSouth AmericaFour PointsCity center
Four Points by Sheraton CuencaEcuadorCuencaSouth AmericaFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Kecskemet Hotel & Conference CenterHungaryKecskemetEuropeFour PointsCity center
Fairfield by Marriott AhmedabadIndiaAhmedabadIndiaFairfieldTBD
Fairfield by Marriott BelagaviIndiaBelgaumIndiaFairfieldTBD
Aloft Bengaluru WhitefieldIndiaBengaluruIndiaAloftTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Bengaluru RajajinagarIndiaBengaluruIndiaFairfieldTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Bengaluru WhitefieldIndiaBengaluruIndiaFairfieldTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Bengaluru, WhitefieldIndiaBengaluruIndiaFour PointsTBD
Courtyard BilaspurIndiaBilaspur, ChhattisgarhIndiaCourtyardTBD
Aloft Chennai OMR - IT ExpresswayIndiaChennaiIndiaAloftTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Chennai Mahindra World CityIndiaChennaiIndiaFairfieldTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Chennai OMRIndiaChennaiIndiaFairfieldTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Chennai OMRIndiaChennaiIndiaFour PointsTBD
Le Royal Méridien ChennaiIndiaChennaiIndiaLe MéridienTBD
Aloft Coimbatore SinganallurIndiaCoimbatoreIndiaAloftTBD
Fairfield by Marriott CoimbatoreIndiaCoimbatoreIndiaFairfieldTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Hyderabad GachibowliIndiaHyderabadIndiaFairfieldTBD
ITC Kakatiya, a Luxury Collection Hotel, HyderabadIndiaHyderabadIndiaLuxury CollectionTBD
Fairfield by Marriott IndoreIndiaIndoreIndiaFairfieldTBD
Fairfield by Marriott JodhpurIndiaJodhpurIndiaFairfieldTBD
Courtyard Kochi AirportIndiaKochiIndiaCourtyardTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Kochi InfoparkIndiaKochiIndiaFour PointsTBD
Le Méridien KochiIndiaKochiIndiaLe MéridienTBD
Fairfield by Marriott LucknowIndiaLucknowIndiaFairfieldTBD
Courtyard by Marriott MaduraiIndiaMaduraiIndiaCourtyardTBD
Courtyard Pune ChakanIndiaPuneIndiaCourtyardTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Pune KharadiIndiaPuneIndiaFairfieldTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Hotel & Serviced Apartments, PuneIndiaPuneIndiaFour PointsTBD
Courtyard RaipurIndiaRaipurIndiaCourtyardTBD
Courtyard SiliguriIndiaSiliguriIndiaCourtyardTBD
Fairfield by Marriott SriperumbudurIndiaSriperumbudurIndiaFairfieldTBD
Courtyard SuratIndiaSuratIndiaCourtyardTBD
Four Points by Sheraton VadodaraIndiaVadodaraIndiaFour PointsTBD
Courtyard Vadodara Sarabhai CampusIndiaVadodaraIndiaCourtyardTBD
Fairfield by Marriott VisakhapatnamIndiaVisakhapatnamIndiaFairfieldTBD
Four Points by Sheraton VisakhapatnamIndiaVisakhapatnamIndiaFour PointsTBD
Aloft Jakarta Wahid HasyimIndonesiaJakarta PusatSoutheast AsiaAloftTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Bali LegianIndonesiaLegianSoutheast AsiaFairfieldTBD
Fairfield by Marriott BelitungIndonesiaBelitungSoutheast AsiaFairfieldTBD
Fairfield by Marriott SurabayaIndonesiaSurabayaSoutheast AsiaFairfieldTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Bali UngasanIndonesiaUngasanSoutheast AsiaFour PointsNature resort
Four Points by Sheraton BalikpapanIndonesiaBalikpapanSoutheast AsiaFour PointsAirport hotel
Four Points by Sheraton Jakarta, ThamrinIndonesiaJakartaSoutheast AsiaFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton MakassarIndonesiaMakassarSoutheast AsiaFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton ManadoIndonesiaManadoSoutheast AsiaFour PointsWaterfront resort
Four Points by Sheraton MedanIndonesiaMedanSoutheast AsiaFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton SurabayaIndonesiaSurabayaSoutheast AsiaFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya, Pakuwon IndahIndonesiaSurabayaSoutheast AsiaFour PointsTBD
Moxy BandungIndonesiaBandungSoutheast AsiaMoxyTBD
Sheraton Lampung HotelIndonesiaBandar LampungSoutheast AsiaSheratonTBD
Renaissance Aktau HotelKazakhstanAktauCentral AsiaRenaissanceWaterfront resort
AC Hotel Kuala LumpurMalaysiaKuala LumpurSoutheast AsiaAC HotelTBD
AC Hotel PenangMalaysiaPenangSoutheast AsiaAC HotelTBD
Courtyard PenangMalaysiaPenangSoutheast AsiaCourtyardTBD
Fairfield by Marriott Bintulu ParagonMalaysiaBintuluSoutheast AsiaFairfieldTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur ChinatownMalaysiaKuala LumpurSoutheast AsiaFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton PuchongMalaysiaPuchongSoutheast AsiaFour PointsTBD
Putrajaya Marriott HotelMalaysiaSepang UtaraSoutheast AsiaMarriottTBD
AC Hotel VeracruzMexicoBoca del RioMexicoAC HotelTBD
Aloft CelayaMexicoCelayaMexicoAloftTBD
Aloft QueretaroMexicoQueretaroMexicoAloftTBD
Courtyard ChihuahuaMexicoChihuahuaMexicoCourtyardTBD
Courtyard HermosilloMexicoHermosilloMexicoCourtyardTBD
Courtyard Leon at The PoliforumMexicoLeonMexicoCourtyardTBD
Courtyard Monterrey San Jeronimo/ValleMexicoMonterreyMexicoCourtyardTBD
Courtyard Puebla Las AnimasMexicoPueblaMexicoCourtyardTBD
Courtyard QueretaroMexicoQueretaroMexicoCourtyardTBD
Courtyard Toluca AirportMexicoTolucaMexicoCourtyardTBD
Courtyard Toluca TollocanMexicoTolucaMexicoCourtyardTBD
Courtyard Villahermosa TabascoMexicoVillahermosaMexicoCourtyardTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites AguascalientesMexicoAguascalientesMexicoFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites Guanajuato SilaoMexicoSilaoMexicoFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites NogalesMexicoNogalesMexicoFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites Queretaro JuriquillaMexicoJuriquillaMexicoFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites Villahermosa TabascoMexicoVillahermosaMexicoFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn Monterrey AirportMexicoApodacaMexicoFairfieldTBD
Four Points by Sheraton PueblaMexicoPueblaMexicoFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Queretaro NorteMexicoQueretaroMexicoFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton SaltilloMexicoSaltilloMexicoFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton VeracruzMexicoBoca del RíoMexicoFour PointsTBD
Four Points by Sheraton KolasinMontenegroKolasinEuropeFour PointsTBD
Protea Hotel OndangwaNamibiaOndangwaAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Walvis BayNamibiaWalvis BayAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Walvis Bay Pelican BayNamibiaWalvis BayAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Windhoek FürstenhofNamibiaWindhoekAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Zambezi River LodgeNamibiaKatima MuliloAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Owerri SelectNigeriaNew OwerriAfricaProteaTBD
Aloft PanamaPanamaPanama CityCentral AmericaAloftTBD
Aloft AsuncionParaguayAsuncionSouth AmericaAloftTBD
Moxy Poznan AirportPolandPoznanEuropeMoxyTBD
Courtyard Nizhny Novgorod City CenterRussiaNizhny NovgorodEuropeCourtyardTBD
Four Points by Sheraton KalugaRussiaKalugaEuropeFour PointsTBD
Renaissance Samara HotelRussiaSamaraEuropeRenaissanceTBD
Voronezh MarriottRussiaVoronezhEuropeMarriottTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Riyadh KhaldiaSaudi ArabiaRiyadhMiddle East/N. AfricaFour PointsTBD
Protea Hotel Cape Town DurbanvilleSouth AfricaTyger ValleyAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Cape Town Tyger ValleySouth AfricaCape TownAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel ClarensSouth AfricaClarensAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Johannesburg Balalaika SandtonSouth AfricaSandtonAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Johannesburg Parktonian All-SuiteSouth AfricaBraamfonteinAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Johannesburg WanderersSouth AfricaIllovoAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel KimberleySouth AfricaKimberleyAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel KlerksdorpSouth AfricaKlerksdorpAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel MahikengSouth AfricaMahikengAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel MidrandSouth AfricaMidrandAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel NelspruitSouth AfricaNelspruitAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Oudtshoorn Riempie EstateSouth AfricaOudtshoornAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Polokwane LandmarkSouth AfricaPolokwaneAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Polokwane Ranch ResortSouth AfricaPolokwaneAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Pretoria HatfieldSouth AfricaPretoriaAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Pretoria Loftus ParkSouth AfricaPretoriaAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel RoodepoortSouth AfricaJohannesburgAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Transit O.R. Tambo AirportSouth AfricaJohannesburgAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Umfolozi RiverSouth AfricaRichards BayAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel UpingtonSouth AfricaUpingtonAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Worcester CumberlandSouth AfricaWorcesterAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Zebula LodgeSouth AfricaLimpopoAfricaProteaTBD
AC Hotel A CorunaSpainA CorunaEuropeAC HotelTBD
AC Hotel AlgecirasSpainAlgecirasEuropeAC HotelTBD
AC Hotel BadajozSpainBadajozEuropeAC HotelTBD
AC Hotel EldaSpainEldaEuropeAC HotelTBD
AC Hotel Guadalajara, SpainSpainGuadalajaraEuropeAC HotelTBD
AC Hotel La LineaSpainLa Linea de la ConcepcionEuropeAC HotelTBD
AC Hotel MurciaSpainMurciaEuropeAC HotelTBD
AC Hotel Palacio de Santa AnaSpainValladolidEuropeAC HotelTBD
AC Hotel PalenciaSpainPalenciaEuropeAC HotelTBD
AC Hotel PonferradaSpainPonferradaEuropeAC HotelTBD
Sheraton Grand Samsun HotelTurkeySamsunMiddle East/N. AfricaSheratonTBD
Aloft Bursa HotelTurkeyBursaMiddle East/N. AfricaAloftTBD
Courtyard Istanbul WestTurkeyIstanbulMiddle East/N. AfricaCourtyardTBD
Four Points by Sheraton IzmirTurkeyIzmirMiddle East/N. AfricaFour PointsTBD
Moxy Aberdeen AirportUK (Scotland)DyceEuropeMoxyTBD
Four Points by Sheraton SharjahUnited Arab EmiratesSharjahMiddle East/N. AfricaFour PointsTBD
TownePlace Suites MobileUSA (Alabama)MobileUSATownePlaceTBD
Aloft Little Rock WestUSA (Arkansas)Little RockUSAAloftTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites El DoradoUSA (Arkansas)El DoradoUSAFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites RussellvilleUSA (Arkansas)RussellvilleUSAFairfieldTBD
Four Points by Sheraton BakersfieldUSA (California)BakersfieldUSAFour PointsTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites McPhersonUSA (Kansas)McPhersonUSAFairfieldTBD
TownePlace Suites Garden CityUSA (Kansas)Garden CityUSATownePlaceTBD
TownePlace Suites Baton Rouge SouthUSA (Louisiana)Baton RougeUSATownePlaceTBD
Courtyard Jackson RidgelandUSA (Mississippi)JacksonUSACourtyardTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites Poplar BluffUSA (Missouri)Poplar BluffUSAFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites KinstonUSA (North Carolina)KinstonUSAFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites Cleveland Tiedeman RoadUSA (Ohio)BrooklynUSAFairfieldTBD
Aloft TulsaUSA (Oklahoma)TulsaUSAAloftTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites ChickashaUSA (Oklahoma)ChickashaUSAFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites DuncanUSA (Oklahoma)DuncanUSAFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites Ponca CityUSA (Oklahoma)Ponca CityUSAFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites Tulsa CatoosaUSA (Oklahoma)CatoosaUSAFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites Tulsa Southeast/Crossroads VillageUSA (Oklahoma)TulsaUSAFairfieldTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Oklahoma City Quail SpringsUSA (Oklahoma)Oklahoma CityUSAFour PointsTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites VictoriaUSA (Texas)VictoriaUSAFairfieldTBD
Courtyard Houston Sugar Land/StaffordUSA (Texas)StaffordUSACourtyardTBD
Courtyard TexarkanaUSA (Texas)TexarkanaUSACourtyardTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites AbileneUSA (Texas)AbileneUSAFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites CotullaUSA (Texas)CotullaUSAFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites Dallas Park CentralUSA (Texas)DallasUSAFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites Decatur at Decatur Conference CenterUSA (Texas)DecaturUSAFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites Houston RichmondUSA (Texas)RichmondUSAFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites McAllen AirportUSA (Texas)McAllenUSAFairfieldTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites TexarkanaUSA (Texas)TexarkanaUSAFairfieldTBD
Four Points by Sheraton Houston Energy CorridorUSA (Texas)HoustonUSAFour PointsTBD
Residence Inn Houston I-10 West/Park RowUSA (Texas)HoustonUSAResidence InnTBD
SpringHill Suites Houston I-10 West/Energy CorridorUSA (Texas)HoustonUSASpringHillTBD
TownePlace Suites Dallas Plano/LegacyUSA (Texas)PlanoUSATownePlaceTBD
TownePlace Suites Houston I-10 EastUSA (Texas)HoustonUSATownePlaceTBD
TownePlace Suites Houston NorthwestUSA (Texas)HoustonUSATownePlaceTBD
TownePlace Suites KingsvilleUSA (Texas)KingsvilleUSATownePlaceTBD
TownePlace Suites TexarkanaUSA (Texas)TexarkanaUSATownePlaceTBD
SpringHill Suites WinchesterUSA (Virginia)WinchesterUSASpringHillTBD
Fairfield Inn & Suites GilletteUSA (Wyoming)GilletteUSAFairfieldTBD
Courtyard TashkentUzbekistanTashkentCentral AsiaCourtyardTBD
Protea Hotel ChingolaZambiaChingolaAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel ChipataZambiaChipataAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel LusakaZambiaLusakaAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Lusaka Bonanza ResortZambiaLusakaAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Lusaka Cairo RoadZambiaLusakaAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Lusaka Safari LodgeZambiaChisambaAfricaProteaTBD
Protea Hotel Lusaka TowerZambiaLusakaAfricaProteaTBD


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