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Nutella fans should be excited to read that headline and learn that a Nutella pop-up hotel will be opening early next year. Yes, it looks insanely cool… but the thing is, only a select few will be able to experience it!

Hotella Nutella—the first-ever Nutella pop-up hotel—is coming to Napa Valley, California, in January 2020, and it will only be open for a limited time. 


The Contest

There’s a contest to get a chance to stay in this unique accommodation. Only 3 lucky winners (plus 1 guest each) are going to be part of once-in-a-lifetime Nutella weekend breakfast experience. 

The grand prize includes 2-nights accommodation, roundtrip coach air and transportation, and a unique Nutella breakfast experience. 

The beloved chocolate-hazelnut spread brand announced that the hotel would be open only for one weekend: January 10–12, 2020. 

To enter the contest, Americans over the age of 21 must log on to the Hotella Nutella website, where they’ll submit a 60-second video demonstrating their passion for Nutella. To win this fantastic Nutella weekend breakfast experience, they have to submit your video by December 08, 2019.  


The Hotel’s Interior

The whole place will be completely decked out in Nutella decor. Think croissant-shaped pillows, and Nutella-branded bedspreads and wallpapers. But even the kitchen will be full of Nutella accessories.


The most outstanding Nutella breakfast masterpieces will be prepared by celebrity chefs from Iron Chef and the Food Network, according to Business Insider

Furthermore, an exhibition from Dancakes, the viral pancake artists, will also take place. A team of pancake experts will show and teach guests how to prepare exceptional pancakes. 

These food-centric pop-up hotels seem to be a trend, as this summer Taco Bell opened a taco-themed pop-up hotel for megafans.

Which food brand would you want to be next?

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A Nutella hotel would be the ultimate unique experience for Nutella fans. While you probably won’t get to stay there, there will surely be more and more unique hotels around the world that are more accessible.


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Featured image: Hotella Nutella room (Photo Credit: Hotella Nutella)

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