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You’ve probably never heard of Cargolux since they’re an airline that is exclusively on the cargo side, based in Luxembourg. In the spirit of the coronavirus pandemic, they’ve recently unveiled a special mask livery on one of their Boeing 747 planes, and they’re actually not the first ones to do this.

The topic of airline liveries is one that aviation geeks just love to talk about… and the many special limited-time liveries that airlines sometimes roll out are even more popular because of the unique and one-of-a-kind aspect (like the famous Hello Kitty special liveries by EVA Air).

And these ones definitely stand out given the current situation.


Cargolux mask livery

The design is funny, with the mask even being realistically tied to the letter “C” in the airline’s name (and to the “X” on the other side).

Cargolux B747 (photo credit: Cargolux)


With big lettering saying “Not without my mask” in addition to the mask over the plane’s nose, Cargolux says the new paint job their aircraft got during a maintenance stop in Taipei is to “reflect the airline’s commitment to the fight against COVID-19”.

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Regardless of your opinion on the mask topic, the plain fact is that wearing masks means you can start traveling again, as mentioned in our post about what it’s like to fly during the pandemic (with more to come; we took 8 more flights during our recent trip to Greece and Turkey).

Cargolux B747 from the other side (photo credit: Cargolux)


Pobeda mask livery

Cargolux isn’t the first airline to do this: earlier this summer, Russian airline Pobeda also painted a mask on at least one of their Boeing 737s.

Pobeda B737 mask (photo credit: Pobeda)


Their livery also included a special message, in their case it was “Thank you to the heroes in white gowns!”

Pobeda healthcare workers message (photo credit: Pobeda)


United mask livery

Finally, while this one wasn’t painted on the plane, at the beginning of the pandemic, some United Airlines workers joked around by placing a real mask over the nose of this Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

United Airlines B787 Dreamliner with an added mask (photo credit: United)


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A few airlines have actually painted masks on their planes since these are a major part of flying for the time being, whether we like it or not.

What do you think of these mask liveries? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: special Cargolux 747 (photo credit: Cargolux)

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