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These are very specific promotions, but perhaps they can be useful for a few travelers. More importantly, I’ll use this bonus of 10,000 Marriott points per night as an example to remind you of how important it is to do the math and to explain the different types of promotions.

Here are the details.


The 2 types of hotel promotions

Like other hotel chains, Marriott generally has 2 types of promotions:


Promotions for specific regions/hotels

Promotions for specific regions or hotels are almost never interesting enough to change your destination just for that. But if it happens to be somewhere you were already going to travel, it can be rewarding.

You can see them on the Marriott special offers page.

Here are some examples of current promotions:

Really nothing phenomenal. The 10,000 points bonus is the only one worth even looking into.


Details of the 10,000-point bonus promotion in Lévis

Right now, there’s a 10,000-point Marriott bonus for every night spent at the Four Points by Sheraton Lévis Convention Center, through March 12.

You book a room (with cash) and you’ll earn 10,000 bonus points — in addition to your regular earn rate via the program and your earn rate on your credit card.

That’s worth ≈ $90 according to our Flytrippers Valuation.

The hotel is relatively close to the ferry to Old Québec. I’ve stayed at this hotel before (long before I had a travel site and thought to take pictures), it’s a nice hotel for its market segment.

Standard room at the Four Points by Sheraton Levis Convention Center (image credit: Marriott)


It’s exceedingly rare to see such a large bonus honestly.

That said, Lévis, like most of this country, has some pretty expensive hotel prices.

The cheapest I see for a weekend night at this hotel once the promo code is entered is $236 per night ($199 plus tax). It’s pretty atrocious, even taking into account the 10,000-point bonus. It’s a little cheaper if you can go on a Sunday night.

February award calendar (image credit: Marriott)


(Don’t miss the next update article for the pro tip on how to easily find the cheapest Marriott nights; whether it’s with points or cash!)

If you needed a hotel in the greater Québec City area, it might be worth choosing this one. But as for planning a stay just for this bonus, that’s something else entirely.

And imagine when the bonus is just 2,500 points instead of 10,000…

You can read the details of the 10,000 bonus points promotion.


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The 10,000 bonus points promotion at the Four Points by Sheraton Lévis Convention Center hotel can be interesting if you already needed a hotel in the greater Québec City area, but that’s about it. That’s the case for most promotions for specific hotels/regions.

What would you like to know about this type of Marriott promotion? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: The Four Points by Sheraton Lévis Convention Center hotel (photo credit: Marriott)


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