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Live videos to help you

I have 2 invitations for you this week (you can take advantage of them with the replay too of course).


1. Monthly video on the best card deals

Come learn about the best travel rewards deals of the month to help you choose and to ask us your questions.

It’s tomorrow, Monday, February 20 at 9 PM (Eastern) live on Facebook.


2. New edition of our free webinar about Aeroplan

Come discover Aeroplan points and their literally unlimited value. They are the best airline rewards for Canadians (and by far).

It’s Tuesday, February 21st at 9 PM (Eastern) and you have to reserve your spot for free.


Tips and general knowledge content

We’re going to have a lot more content like this now that our webinars are going to be finished!


3. Preview of how all the programs work

Your next travel rewards update is going to have an overview of the basics of all the travel rewards programs in Canada, but in the meantime, I just want to remind you that you already have access to all this information if you want.

You can check out the simple step-by-step process to see the basics of each program.


4. Importance of always using your points for travel (3 examples)

All programs are different, but there is one thing that is universal and applies to pretty much all programs: never use your points for anything other than travel!

The value is almost always lower, it’s a terrible idea. Here are 3 concrete examples (and the basics of the value of each point).


5. Exclusive offers by using Flytrippers links

We always appreciate it when you use our links, it’s always at absolutely no cost to you. But we never took the time to explain that sometimes it’s a lot better than “just” at no cost too!

You can get much better deals by going through our website, like with this current example of an exclusive offer. I explain why you should use our links.


6. Airport lounge strategy (and upcoming guide)

We know you’re waiting for our ultimate guide to airport lounges and unfortunately, it’s not quite ready. It will be in the next updates post. However, I want to give you a teaser.

We have a post that explains how to design your strategy to get completely free access every year, in fact even better than getting it for free: getting paid to get airport lounge access. It covers a lot of basics too, like the importance of planning, the importance of getting welcome bonuses, and especially the importance of getting them repeatedly!


Program and card updates 

Here is some news that applies to some of the most popular and lucrative programs and cards.


7. Major changes to the HSBC World Elite Mastercard

Welcome bonus changes are common. It’s not so common to see changes to the card itself. The many very positive changes to the HSBC World Elite Mastercard went into effect this month.

Insurance, earn rates, “joint” cards, and even the look of the card have changed. The HSBC World Elite Mastercard resource page has been updated. We’ll have a more detailed article on what’s new, at the same time as the one to remind you of the end of the increased offer next week.


8. Marriott seasonal global promotion for early 2023

You can earn a bonus of 1 elite night and 1000 points per night paid in cash with the new global promotion from Marriott, the best hotel rewards program for Canadians.

It can be interesting, especially if you want to reach a higher elite status (you already have a shortcut if you have the Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card).


9. Promotions for specific hotels/regions: Bonus of 10,000 Marriott points per night

Marriott often has promotions for specific hotels or regions. But it’s almost never worth going somewhere just to take advantage of those, it’s just valuable if you were already going there.

There is currently a huge bonus of 10,000 points per night for a hotel in the Québec City area, so I’ll explain the basics of this bonus and these promotions


10. Update on the NEXUS program

It’s not directly related to travel rewards of course, but:

  • Many credit cards give you a credit to pay for your NEXUS membership
  • Travel rewards are for savvy travelers and NEXUS too (it’s so great)

The government has finally announced the reopening of NEXUS interviews in Canada. Don’t miss an article about a Flytrippers reader who was approved for NEXUS in just 2 days, it’s going to be published tonight (with a few more about NEXUS to come)!


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