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We always appreciate it when you use Flytrippers links, it’s always at absolutely no cost to you. But we never took the time to explain that it can be even better than “just” at no cost, too — because sometimes there are exclusive offers using our links.

Here are the details of how it’s a win-win, with a current example.


Overview of the benefits of using our links

By using Flytrippers links:

  • You help us create more content to help you save
  • You can compare the best credit cards in 1 place
  • You can click through to the offers effortlessly
  • You can rest assured they’re all official secure links
  • You get an offer that’s at least as good as the bank’s website
  • You sometimes get even better exclusive offers

By the way, it’s not necessarily just for travel rewards. We appreciate it when you use all the links on our site, even for travel booking tools for example.

And for credit cards specifically, you can get much better offers on our site!

Because banks know:

  • That they are competing with all the other banks on our site
  • That independent experts like Flytrippers will really just recommend the best deals
  • That savvy consumers who compare sometimes need to a better deal to be convinced


Current example of an exclusive offer

To give a concrete example, the current National Bank World Elite Mastercard offer is one of the best in Canada for many travelers.

It gives you up to 70,000 points through the Flytrippers link.

As you can see when you get to the application page, it does say “Exclusive promotion.”

Exclusive offer on the National Bank World Elite Mastercard (image credit: NBC)


If you unfortunately went to the National Bank website directly, you’d get an offer that gives you up to just 40,000 points. 

(A pretty big difference; literally hundreds of dollars less!)

Much lower offer (image credit: NBC)


And until a few days ago, our exclusive 70,000 point offer (with 1st year free) was even more different because, on the National Bank site, there was no welcome bonus at all (and the 1st year wasn’t even free)!

A difference of almost $1000 if you were to maximize the full welcome bonus (the bonus is in 3 separate parts with this offer). 

Complete absence of offer in January (image credit: NBC)


And obviously, it’s 2023 so never apply for a credit card anywhere but online. In-branch offers are often worse than even those on the bank’s website directly. Banks probably assume that people who still apply in person in 2023 may be more likely to be among the group that doesn’t really compare, is less informed, and therefore doesn’t need as big a welcome bonus to be convinced to get the card.

In short, you never get a worse deal by going through our Flytrippers links.

And you might even get a better one.

Either way, you’re allowing Flytrippers to continue to provide you with plenty of free content and tips!

And for those of you who are wondering how to do it or what to do, it’s really not complicated: you click on any Flytrippers link and everything is automatic. If you close the page without applying for the card, you just have to go back through our link!


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Going through Flytrippers links is always at no cost to you. You support us and you get at least the same offer as on the bank’s website directly. Or sometimes, like with the exclusive National Bank World Elite Mastercard offer right now, you get an even better deal.

What would you like to know about using Flytrippers links? Tell us in the comments below.


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Featured image: Exclusive promotion (photo credit: Flytrippers)


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