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If you want to see pictures from our first trip in over 4 months, here are the highlights of the first week of travel. They feature amazingly beautiful destinations, and there will be more this week too!

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This week we’ll tell you about how the situation is on the ground with the coronavirus in Greece since we’ve completed that portion of the trip, but you can read the overview of our trip to Greece and Turkey for a few details.

But let’s look at 20 pictures (a lot more to come for each destination of course).


The flight to Greece

It felt good to fly again.


The plane window views when arriving in Greece are pretty nice.


We already posted about what it’s like to fly from Canada to Europe and about what it’s like in Canadian airports, but we’ll have many more flights to give you our impressions of what the travel experience is like during the pandemic.


The ferry ride to go island-hopping

Before even taking the ferry, a trip to Greece definitely called for eating some gyros as soon as possible (they are €2.50 which is a lot more expensive than döners in Turkey, but not so bad).


The views in the Cyclades are as beautiful as you’d expect.


The island of Ios

The highest point in the village of Chora was well worth the walk.


Unsurprisingly, the Greek islands are just stunning.


We’ll be in nearly-free Hilton hotels the rest of the trip, so we tried a hostel to report on how the experience is for those of you who are backpackers…

As far as hostel common areas go, I’ve seen much worse…


This was our first sunset on Ios, and they were actually all even better after this one.


The island of Naxos

Here’s the classic view of Naxos.


The sunset with the Portara on the right and the mountains in the background is just epic.


The town has an old market that is typically Cycladic.


The island of Paros

The village of Paros is also very beautiful.


Those who love the narrow alleys and especially whitewashed buildings will love Paros.


We had a great view of the sunset once again, but this time it was from our own yard (we also wanted to test Airbnb during the pandemic).


And if you are more into the beach-vacation thing than we are, obviously all three of these Cycladic islands can be an option.


A brief stop in Athens

Before heading to Turkey, we had a bit of time to explore the historic city.


Our last hostel of the trip had a breathtaking view from the rooftop terrace (not bad for C$18/night in a developped country in peak summer).


A layover in Belgrade, Serbia

Finally, the last stop was Belgrade, a city we very much enjoyed 2 years ago that we were able to build into our itinerary, even only for 19 hours.


We stayed in a Marriott hotel with an amazing location directly on the main square in the city center.


The best part is you can get 5 free nights in this hotel with the Marriott Bonvoy Card‘s welcome bonus alone—or 8 free nights in a few hotels in Turkey, including in Izmir where we are now.

Next up on this trip is Turkey, a country we love so much that we’re back for the 3rd time despite being on a mission to visit every country in the world.

So I’ll tease a first picture of Izmir’s Clock Tower.


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Featured image: Ios, Greece (photo credit: Andrew, Flytrippers co-founder)

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