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There are a few major promotions in the world of travel rewards points coming to an end very soon. So here is an overview to remind you to take advantage of them before it is too late… if they suit your situation.

There are a few that can be very interesting.

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Here are the 7 promos (very short overviews, but each one has a detailed article if you want the details).


1. 50% back promo on Aeroplan flights

Air Canada’s Aeroplan program is currently offering its best miles redemption offer ever. Nothing less.

If you have Aeroplan Miles (or transferable AMEX points), you can go on an epic trip across Canada for only 12,500 miles roundtrip, and that includes two destinations for the same price!

Why choose between the Pacific and the Rockies when you can see both?

It really is a great deal. We booked several flights ourselves, because there is absolutely no risk (free cancellation until August 31st).

We give you several concrete examples of routes and all the details about the deal conditions.

50% back Aeroplan promo (ends July 1st)


2. Marriott “buy points” promo

It’s rarely worth buying points, as the prices are rarely good. Even with this promotion, which is the best ever and gives you a 60% bonus, you should probably avoid it… unless you know how to maximize them and you’re sure it’s worth it.

But most travelers should not take part in this promo.

That said, it’s a good read if you want to understand more about how variable-value points like Marriott work and see an extreme example of their potential value in the Maldives.

Marriott promo for points purchases (ends July 15th)


3. $130 free promo for those who earn under $60,000

The Scotia Gold card currently has an increased welcome offer which is ending soon. It is a must-have card for those who earn under $60,000 a year, because it is the one with the best free travel insurance coverage for this level of income.

Usually, the full range of insurance coverage is only available on cards that require $60,000 in income. In addition, the welcome bonus on this card gives you $130 in free travel.

Finally, the card gives you 5 points per dollar (5%) at grocery stores and it is one of the most flexible types of points (can be applied to any travel expense). It is also one of the only cards not to charge 2.5% on foreign currency transactions.

Scotia Gold $130 free promo (ends July 1st)


4. $181 free and 6 airport lounges passes promo

For those earning over $60,000, you can get paid (even more than usual) to get free access to airport lounges. The Scotia Passport Visa Infinite also has an increased welcome bonus offer that could end this week too.

If you are confident that you can use 6 lounge passes by July 2021, this is the best time to get the card. It is also one of the only cards not to charge 2.5% on foreign currency transactions, and the insurance coverage is excellent of course.

Scotia Passport Visa Infinite $181 free promo (ends July 1st)


5. $200 free cashback promo

Finally, one last interesting welcome bonus offer ending soon. The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite card is a “cashback” card, a type of card that we almost always recommend avoiding!

But this one gives you $200 free if you spend $2,000 in 3 months, which is very reasonable.

Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite $200 free promo (ends July 1st)


6. Marriott “off-peak” promo for July

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All Marriott hotels booked with points are at the lowest price level (“Off-Peak”) for the entire month of July.

It’s not the deal of the century, because using your Marriott points in Canada (and in most expensive countries) is rarely a good use, except when the cash prices are expensive (which is not really the case at the moment).

But it could be a good discount in some cases. We give you examples of nearby hotels for roadtrips in Canada.

Otherwise, we still believe we’ll be able to recommend traveling at a certain point in July, so it may be worth booking since you can cancel for free when you pay with points.

Marriott promo for stays in July (ends June 30)


7. Promo for entrepreneurs / freelancers / self-employed workers / resellers / etc.

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If you have any type (and any amount) of income that does not come from a standard salary, you are eligible for AMEX credit cards for small businesses, which offer incredible welcome bonuses.

It’s literally the best time to get one. Why? The minimum spend requirements are higher than on regular cards, so it is normally difficult to unlock the welcome bonuses.

But until June 30th, AMEX is doubling the time you have to reach the amounts! It gives you 6 months instead of 3 to unlock the bonuses, which is an excellent opportunity ee took advantage of ourselves.

They have multiple business cards, but only 3 are really worth it right now. We analyze which one is best for you.

AMEX extended welcome bonus promo (ends June 30)


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A key part of getting the most of your travel rewards points is maximizing the various promos that are regularly offered throughout the year. These 7 have some potential for many travelers. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything in the comments if you want more details.

What would you like to know about these promos? Ask us in the comments below.


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