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At Flytrippers, we love cheap flights. We love them so much that we literally booked the equivalent of a flight a day for the next 2 weeks, at a TOTAL cost of $450! Oh, and this includes flights to get us from Canada to Europe!

We too are addicted to our own deals, the ones you can find every day on our deal pages. When we saw the crazy sale with flights to Europe for $250 roundtrip back in December, we couldn’t resist buying it! So we bought a ticket to Stockholm, as it was the cheapest we found and is a great base to fly to Eastern Europe, even though we didn’t know exactly where we’d go.

We knew Sweden was an expensive country (Andrew went last year on his trip to Europe—and fled to the affordable countries of Eastern Europe that time too) so we planned on flying out of there as soon as possible. We thought of going somewhere hotter like the northern part of Africa (Morocco, Egypt, etc.), but finally settled on Eastern Europe.

Our Europe trip will take us through 12 countries in a total of 14 days and cost only $450 for all 12 flights. That is ridiculously low. Most people pay more than that just to fly within North America: we will cross the ocean and see many different European destinations for that price. Excluding the $250 roundtrip to Stockholm, our 8 other short-haul European flights only cost us $25 each on average.

All thanks to ULCCs (Ultra Low-Cost Carriers). Flights in Europe are really cheap, that’s why we always tell you that you shouldn’t ever pay $1,000 to go anywhere in Europe. All the details of those flights are compiled in a table at the end of this post for those of you who are interested.

Here’s a summary of our itinerary, country by country. If you want to follow us in real-time through our adventure, I strongly encourage you to follow our Instagram accounts: @flytrippers, @andrew.flytrippers & @kevin.flytrippers.


1. Canada

We’re Canadian, so we left from Canada and are coming back to Canada! We took off from Montreal (where we had our traveler get-together on Saturday night) and we’re coming back to Toronto (where our Flytrippers traveler event is taking place on February the 2nd, details here), so we’ll have a chance to “visit” a bit of our own country!


2. Iceland

We are flying with WOW air (full review of the airline here) to get to Europe, so we get the inevitable stop in Iceland both ways. Only a couple of hours this time, so it won’t be enough to get out of the airport, but we spent a day there last December on our way back from the Canary Islands with WOW air (another $300 roundtrip flight deal to Europe.)


3. Sweden

The cheapest roundtrip flight we found for Europe this time was to Stockholm, so that’s where we’re heading to cross the Atlantic this time. We have 2 nights in the city (the first at the beginning and the second at the end) for a total of 44 hours combined. That’s enough to visit as it’s not our primary destination this time around.


4. Serbia

First real stop of our trip, we’re staying in Serbia for 4 days! Well, almost 4 days! Our next flight will be from Timisoara in Romania and we need to take a train to get there. We will spend at least a night in the city while being there, leaving us a good 3 days in Belgrade.


5. Romania

As mentioned above, we will be going to Timisoara in Romania to catch our flight #4 but will arrive a day in advance to visit the city a bit.


6. Italy

Italy will only be a short layover on the way to Tirana, Albania. We only have about 4 hours here, so we’re not yet sure if we’ll go out and explore the surroundings or simply stay in the airport lounge to work. BGY is not Milan’s main airport and it’s quite far from the city.


7. Albania

This will be the second-longest stop of this trip, as we are staying in Tirana for 3 nights! Not exactly 3 nights as we are leaving on flight #6 from Podgorica, Montenegro and we’ll need to get there by train or bus, but we should have enough time to explore the city.


8. Montenegro

Montenegro is on many lists of trendiest destinations for 2018 and we certainly want to check it out for ourselves! That’s what we’ll have the chance to do for at least a night before flying out to Macedonia via Hungary!


9. Hungary

Budapest will only be a short layover between our flight #6 & #7 from Podgorica to Skopje.


10. Macedonia (FYROM)

We’ll have one night in Skopje, just enough to get a glimpse of the city. Fun fact: the officially-recognized name of Macedonia is actually FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia).


11. Denmark

Then we fly from Skopje to Malmö in Sweden, which is just on the other side of the bridge from Copenhagen, Denmark.


12. Poland

And to conclude, we will have a short layover in Gdansk, Poland on our way from Malmö to Stockholm. Then we fly back to Iceland from Stockholm then Toronto.

I excluded the expensive Toronto to Quebec City flight we tacked on at the end (on a per-kilometer basis, Canada is one of the most expensive countries in the world for flights), because we could’ve flown back to Montreal from Europe for the same price as Toronto. But since we had organized that traveler get-together in Toronto, we had to get back home after. Might as well fly to make it a total of 14 flights in 14 days.


Full Itinerary

This might seem totally insane to many of you, but we are flight addicts and love flying so much that we look forward to such a loaded trip! Also, as we will have to work during most of our trip, we take full advantage of airport lounges (that we can get for free with this credit card!), where we can get some work done.

Here is the recap of the whole trip if you want to follow more closely:

FlightCountryPriceDateTotal Time in Country [h]
YUL-KEF (Montreal-Keflavik)Iceland$258.0001/21/20182
KEF-ARN (Keflavik-Stockholm)Sweden---01/22/201823
NYO-BEG (Stockholm-Belgrade)Serbia, Romania$38.7801/23/201896
TSR-BGY (Timisoara-Milan)Italy$74.9801/27/20184
BGY-TIA (Milan-Tirana)Albania, Montenegro---01/27/201860
TGD-BUD (Podgorica-Budapest)Hungary$15.1801/30/20184
BUD-SKP (Budapest-Skopje)Macedonia$14.6501/30/201815
SKP-MMX (Skopje-Malmö/Copenhagen)Denmark$21.7301/31/201823
MMX-GDN (Malmö/Copenhagen-Gdansk)Poland$32.2402/01/20185
GDN-NYO (Gdansk-Stockholm)Sweden---02/01/201821
ARN-KEF (Stockholm-Keflavik)Iceland---02/02/20182
KEF-YYZ (Keflavik-Toronto)Canada---02/02/201822



This is only a quick overview, and there will be more info on our Instagram posts as we discover these cities. It’s definitely going to be a crazy trip! Follow us on Instagram (@flytrippers, @andrew.flytrippers & @kevin.flytrippers) for daily updates!


Have you ever been to Eastern Europe? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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    We went on a trip by train all around Eastern Europe. Here is our route: Prague, Krakow, Lviv, Chisinau, Odessa, Budapest, Belgrade, Skopje, Kosovo bus to Sarajevo and a lovely day trip from there to Mostar.

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