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Do you want to experience the trip of a lifetime and go (literally) all around the world on an epic journey? Here is an itinerary that will take you to 5 incredible destinations for only $1,556 (a bit more expensive than usual with fewer destinations… but it’s great because it’s for summertime !!!)

Our specialty here at Flytrippers is spotting daily flight deals, often at half the price, which we post on our cheap flight deals from Vancouver page… and also sharing plenty of tips to help you travel longer or more often (or simply for less).

Here is a special deal, because it’s a combination of many cheap flights… so you can go on an around the world trip, an experience that is on most travelers’ bucket-list!

And it’s scientifically proven that experiences are far superior to material possessions in terms of bringing you happiness. And as far as experiences go, it’s hard to find a better one than going around the world for 2 months!

Around The World Trip Summary

This is really cheap for round-the-world plane tickets, but usually, it can be even cheaper (and there are a few more destinations). The last one we published was for $1,199 and had 7 destinations.

We build these around the world itineraries regularly and many asked us one for those who absolutely must take their time off during the summer, so here it is! If you can leave before or after, plane tickets can cost you even less of course!

We’ll give you more details after the itinerary, but here is the bullet point summary of what you should know.

  • Total cost of the trip: This itinerary isn’t for those who want a cheap trip overall. It is for those who want to go around the world and see many popular destinations in one epic journey. If you want a cheap trip, choose destinations from the 40 countries at less than $30 a day in budget-travel mode, not an around the world trip. Staying longer in the same place is cheaper. And if you want to do more destinations, the cost of your plane ticket might be more expensive than with this itinerary, but it will possibly cost you less in total when adding in everything else.
  • Budgeting your trip: In all cases, don’t forget to deduct from your travel budget what you would have spent on food, activities and transportation while staying home. It’s probably several hundred dollars. So the net cost of any trip is actually less than you probably think.
  • Trip length: We built the itinerary for a 2-month journey from late June to late August, for those who are limited to this period. Of course, you can adjust the itinerary to make it shorter or longer, we’ll tell you how later in this post.
  • Is it a scam: No it is not a scam, it includes all taxes and mandatory fees. But most of these cheap airline tickets are on ultra-low cost carriers, which means you have to travel light to avoid extra baggage fees. We assure you, it is very possible to travel without paying a penny more (unlike what many people say), we’ll also give you more detail on this after explaining the itinerary.
  • How to book: Plane ticket prices change constantly, so if you want to go on this extraordinary journey, book quickly… and start with the segments between the different continents first, we’ll tell you how at the end of this post.
  • Logistics: All flights are nonstop except the last one, which has a short layover. Unfortunately, there is no long stopover (long stops are great if you like to travel because they allow to discover new cities for free, which is the very definition of traveling … but during peak summer, there aren’t as many cheap options).

We’ve put together this itinerary because we want to continue to debunk one of the worst travel myths: the myth that travel has to be expensive. No, plane tickets can be cheap when you make paying less a priority (booking segments outside of Canada also helps a lot haha?).

This is the best example, as some people unfortunately pay $1,556 for boring flights to a single destination in Asia (or worse, in Europe). With this itinerary, you can discover 5 destinations and 4 continents for the same price!

The rest of the trip can also be done cheaply if you choose to be a budget-traveler. Traveling is expensive when you want it to be convenient and simple, but we want to help you travel more often and have more memorable experiences.

Even if it’s not as luxurious and requires a little more effort to travel light, you will enjoy it and remember it all your life! Especially this trip, it will be a crazy summer!!!

So here are the details of this $1,556 trip around the world, from June 24th to August 19th.

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Flight #1: Vancouver – Paris (June 24th, $390)

(link to book)

We’ve only given you a week in Paris, it is one of the shortest stays because it’s a very expensive city once you’re there!

Take this opportunity to discover the French capital’s classic must-sees, it is one of the world’s most visited cities. Experiment life as a Parisian … or go discover one of the other must-see places in France, there are several.

Flight #2: Paris – Athens (July 2nd, $146)

itineraire tour du monde pas cher

(link to book)

Greece is beautiful and a little less affordable in the peak season, so you’ll only spend a week there too. Enough for a quick trip to the islands!

Discover the history of civilization in Athens and visit the surrounding region (like the perched monasteries of Meteora). Or you could visit Athens quickly and spend a few days in Santorini, Mykonos or Crete. You can see 15 photos of Greece that will make you want to go there.

Flight #3: Athens – Singapore (July 9th, $254)

(link to book)

Singapore is a unique city that I loved visiting last spring. Modern and lively… but also a little expensive, so we gave you a lot of time there (3 weeks) to… go to Malaysia by bus (1hr)! It’s a great country and one of the most affordable in Southeast Asia. If you want, it would even be possible to change the itinerary to fly to Bali and then go from Bali to the next destination for a few hundred dollars more only.

You can go for a swim in the famous Marina Bay Sands’ rooftop pool spanning three skyscrapers, take a stroll through the unique gardens or simply discover this urban jungle that is unlike any other.

Flight #4: Singapore – Sydney (July 29th, $157)

(link to book)

Australiaaaaaa. One of the favorite places in the world for many travelers. Here, we give you nearly two weeks so you do not have to go back too soon (because it is very far and expensive to go there usually haha).

Australia is full of beautiful experiences, for those who love culture, nature or beaches. You can stay in Sydney but we recommend heading to Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and the Gold Coast to see a variety of places!

Flight #5: Sydney – Honolulu (August 10th, $268)

(link to book)

As if all of this wasn’t great enough already… let’s throw in Hawaii! We give you two weeks there too, to combine a trip and a vacation (two different things that can be combined in the same journey).

So you can get the chance to rest a bit (if you want to) before returning to the harsh reality of your non-travel routine.

Hawaii is very popular for a reason. It’s beautiful and whether you are looking to enjoy nature or the beach, there is something for everyone. You can check out our guest-blogger’s best beaches and budget-friendly activities in Kauai.

Flight #6: Honolulu – Vancouver (August 19th, $341)

(link to book)

All good things must come to an end. At least temporarily: with our tips, we will do everything to help you travel more!

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More Details About The Around The World Itinerary

Here is some additional information for those who are interested.

Changing the trip length

Some will find it too long, but we made the itinerary for a 2-month trip to please as many of you as possible. We know for some it’s hard to get away for that long, but when we do it shorter, many also say it’s too short for such a trip. Others want a 4-month itinerary. A classic case of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t“.

So if you want to make it longer (add more time in each destination, or visit even more places) or shorter, it’s doable. It’s only going to involve doing a lot of manual searches for individual airline tickets.

Finding great flights manually is a little painful, and that’s why we do it for you every day for cheap tickets from Vancouver on our cheap flight deals page.

But for any more advanced searches, like creating a custom itinerary with lots of plane tickets to go on an around the world trip personalized to your needs and your tastes, read this article on our search tool for advanced searches. You’ll need to invest the time and search for flights and play around to mash them all together.

All of our travel resources to plan your trip at the best price are always available directly in our site’s top menu under “Resources”. Not just for flights, but for everything else too.

Is this a scam?

There are people who see scams everywhere. The scam is actually paying for plane tickets at full price!

No, there is no scam. As long as you don’t take anything extra, you won’t pay anything extra for your flights. I took over 100 flights on ultra-low cost carriers (some for just $10) without ever paying a penny more than the base price. So just decide not to pay a penny more.

In fact, these plane tickets aren’t even necessarily discounted prices.

Many are accustomed to paying a high price for their plane tickets because they do not prioritize low fares or because they do not know how to find cheap airline tickets (we will have a complete guide here next week to list all the ways you can save and help you even more easily).

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive when you know how (and when you want to, and you are willing to accept that travel will be a little less convenient) and that’s our mission at Flytrippers: to help Canadians travel more without breaking the bank, thanks to our dozens of flight deals at almost half price every day. And our tips and tricks of course, like Travel Hacking, which literally gives hundreds of dollars of free travel every year to all those who are financially responsible!

Traveling light

It’s not more complicated to travel light for 8 weeks compared to 1 week,  you just need to know how to do it and change your well-established traveling habits (like accepting the fact that you’ll need to do some laundry every week, the same as you do at home?) !

Some say it’s impossible, and they’re wrong. But they are not wrong to decide not to want to go through all this trouble (because it sure is more complicated), that’s okay and everyone can choose what they want to do with their money. If you only want to travel once a year as most do, it’s probably not worth it. But it’s wrong to say it’s impossible.

So yes it’s possible, and to travel more often (as many say they want to do, hence why we share our tips on how to travel light), or to experience an epic journey around the world on the cheap, we believe it’s worth the extra effort.

We’ll soon share detailed articles about how to travel light, but you can read The Globe and Mail travel editor’s article about traveling light, she was able to do it too, if you don’t believe us.

Or even better, watch this travel expert’s video:

She has less clothes, but you can actually bring more because the backpack you are entitled to bring for free on ultra-low cost carriers is bigger than that! It works, we did it ourselves for a month in Asia and 3 weeks in Europe (and we could have done it for twice the time, it doesn’t change anything… laundry + buying products over there, they have everything you need).

The basic premise is that laundry will cost you $3 in most countries… but traveling all around the world with baggage fees would cost you hundreds of dollars more (a far cry from the $1,556 for sure).

It’s not easy and effortless. But it is feasible. That’s why we say that traveling is only expensive when you want it to be convenient and simple and effortless… or when you choose destinations that are expensive once you’re there.

Cost at destination

As we said, this itinerary is not for those who want a trip that is really cheap overall. It is for those who want to go around the world at the best price and see interesting destinations in a short period of time. One of the keys to traveling cheap is to not change places too often (and also not to go to Paris, Singapore or Hawaii obviously).

If you want a trip that will cost you about $1,500 in total, don’t go around the world: choose one of the most affordable countries and you can spend a whole month traveling for $1,500 all included (even the plane tickets in most cases). A great tip to travel for less is to stay in one place for a longer period.

This is another of the many factors that fuel the (completely false) myth that traveling is expensive. People often choose expensive destinations… but it can be so cheap in many countries!

We actually have started sharing our list of 40 countries where you can travel to and spend less than C$30 per day. Yes, 40! Surely there’s at least one in those 40 that you are interested in and where you can go spend a whole month for under $1,000, plus the cost of your plane ticket.

For example, by finding a cheap flight to a dream destination like Vietnam (often available around $800 when there is a deal), it would cost you only $1,700 for a full month, including all expenses. In the cheap countries that are even closer (where the plane ticket costs less), it’s even less! For example in Central America.

Of course you must choose to travel budget-style, but if you don’t want to, even when traveling “normally”, affordable countries will still be much cheaper than expensive countries, that goes without saying. A lot cheaper.

How to book

If you want to buy this itinerary, make sure you book as quickly as possible to avoid the price of a flight segment going up. And of course, like any low-price plane ticket, prices never last very long, so hurry up!

The basic rule for a multi-ticket booking is to book the longest and most expensive flights first (flights between continents usually), so the most important ones will be at the lowest price and if the $150 flight changes to $200 in the meantime, it’s not too bad!

If you do not have a travel credit card yet, it’s too late for this particular booking, but for the next ones at least, it makes absolutely no sense not to book all your plane tickets with a travel credit card. You’ll get free insurance coverage and not be one of the passengers complaining when a weather delay forces them to overnight somewhere at their own expense (airlines don’t owe you anything, they don’t control the weather, so get free insurance for a free hotel and free meals).

There are excellent credit card offers that give you up to ~ $447 free travel just by ordering the card… and insurance for if your flight is delayed!

What do you think of this trip idea? What would you like to see in our next around-the-world itinerary? Longer? Shorter? Bookable earlier? More destinations? Fewer destinations? Tell us in the comments below!

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