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Porter, the small premium Canadian airline currently based out of Downtown Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport (YTZ), announced a major expansion out of Toronto-Pearson (YYZ) a while back. Today, they have a special promo with tickets that have a $1 base fare (and that come with a $150 voucher) on those inaugural routes.

As we mentioned during Black Friday, airline sales are usually nowhere near as good as actual flight deals like the ones we spot every day on our website.

But as we also said, there are exceptions, and this is one of them. A $1 base fare is pretty hard to beat, obviously (although the available seats are obviously very limited since there aren’t many inaugural flights).

It’s a good sign, because having a new major player in Canada will be good for prices!

Here are the details.


Porter’s $1 base fare sale

The base fare is essentially the portion of a plane ticket that goes to the airline. There are also taxes and fees, many taxes and fees (Canada has some of the highest taxes and fess on airfares as you might know). For the deals we spot, we always include all mandatory taxes and fees in the prices we show, by the way. 

So it’s not $1 total, but still: flights for under $100 roundtrip are pretty good (especially with the $150 voucher; it’s basically free)! To be fair, we do spot prices like that regularly on our website now that Canada has ultra low-cost carriers, so it’s not uncommon.

Here are the highlights of Porter’s $1 promo:

  • Only applies to inaugural flights (listed below)
  • Only applies to new routes to/from Toronto-Pearson (not YTZ)
  • Available in limited quantities (as all good deals always are)
  • Eligible return flights make for a very short trip (2 full days maximum)
  • Return later with a 50% discount on the fare instead (up to 7 days)
  • You’ll also get a $150 Porter voucher by being on the inaugurals
  • You’ll be entered to win another roundtrip flight as a giveaway
  • Total prices with taxes and fees are $82 to $97 roundtrip
  • Promo code PDE24U must be used on 
  • All details are on the promo landing page
Porter’s $1 inaugural flights sale (image credit: Porter)


And at least some of these prices book you into the flexible fare class too, which is surprising. 

I mean, with the $150 voucher they promise, this is a pretty good deal. Especially since they’re actually charging just $1 roundtrip ($0.50 per one-way), not $1 per one-way.

Porter’s $0.50 inaugural flights in flexible fare class (image credit: Porter)


Being on inaugural flights is pretty fun, as there are usually special festivities. I was on the inaugural flights for 2 Canadians ultra low-cost carriers recently (to review a Lynx Air flight and to review a Swoop flight) and it was a great experience, at least for an AvGeek (Aviation Geek) like me.

As a reminder, Porter used to only have turboprop planes based at YTZ. In 2021, they announced a major shift in strategy by ordering their first-ever jets, the Embraer E195-E2, that would be based at YYZ. 

The time has now come.

Porter positions itself as a premium airline, which is an interesting way to try and stand out in the crowded Canadian airline market. You can read more background about Porter and this new business model in that post about their expansion.


Available routes and dates

As is always the case when a promo code is required, things are a bit different.

Because we can’t create the turnkey deal pages that send you directly to the right date, like we usually do.

So here are the details manually.


From Montréal (YUL)

To Toronto (YYZ):

  • Departure date: Feb. 1
  • Available returns: Feb. 1, 2, 3
  • Price: $97.31 roundtrip


From Ottawa (YOW)

To Toronto (YYZ):

  • Departure date: Feb. 1
  • Available returns: Feb. 1, 2, 3
  • Price: $96.32 roundtrip


From Vancouver (YVR)

To Toronto (YYZ):

  • Departure date: Feb. 7
  • Available returns: Feb. 7, 8, 9
  • Price: $81.80 roundtrip


From Halifax (YHZ)

To Toronto (YYZ):

  • Departure date: Feb. 24
  • Available returns: Feb. 24, 25, 26
  • Price: $96.32 roundtrip


From Edmonton (YEG)

To Toronto (YYZ):

  • Departure date: Feb. 14
  • Available returns: Feb. 14, 15, 16
  • Price: $92.30 roundtrip


From Calgary (YYC)

To Toronto (YYZ):

  • Departure date: Feb. 22
  • Available returns: Feb. 22, 23, 24
  • Price: $92.30 roundtrip


From Toronto (YYZ)

To Ottawa (YOW):

  • Departure date: Feb. 1
  • Available returns: Feb. 1, 2, 3
  • Price: $96.32 roundtrip

To Edmonton (YEG):

  • Departure date: Feb. 14
  • Available returns: Feb. 14, 15, 16
  • Price: $93.52 roundtrip

To Montréal (YUL):

  • Sold out

To Halifax (YHZ):

  • Sold out

To Vancouver (YVR):

  • Sold out

To Calgary (YYC):

  • Sold out


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Small Canadian premium airline Porter is finally launching its new routes to/from the Toronto-Pearson airport, with a great promo: $1 base fares for total roundtrip prices of under $100 for all new destinations. Hurry up if you don’t want to miss out!

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Featured image: Porter Aircraft (photo credit: Porter)

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