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The travel rewards aspect is really the best deal on Black Friday weekend, including (and especially) for all your non-travel purchases. But there could be other good deals, especially if you were going to book travel anyway (as opposed to the real flight deals year-round that are worth planning a trip around).

Here’s a list of 70+ links to the Black Friday weekend deals for travelers.

We’ll keep this post updated for both Cyber Monday and Travel Deals Tuesday, which are usually even better for travel deals.


3 online shopping portal deals

Savvy travelers always use online shopping portals to earn more free travel with all their non-travel purchases. Please read the 4 pro tips to maximize all your holiday spending, it’s really a must.

Here are the Black Friday online shopping portal deals:


2 lounge access deals

Please don’t pay for airport lounge access when it’s so easy to get free airport lounge passes AND actually get paid for free access.

I’ll give just 3 examples for now, but we’ll have more content about airport lounges in early December: 

All 3 cards give you 4 annual airport lounge passes for free, but many other cards with free airport lounge access give you more passes or even unlimited access.

But if you prefer to pay for them (if your credit is bad for example), you can do that too.

Here are the Black Friday deals for airport lounge access:


2 traveler tools deals

We’ll soon have a post with the most useful tools for travelers in general, but also tools for travel rewards enthusiasts.


7 point purchase deals

Obviously, you’re better off just getting a ton of points through welcome bonuses. Even with these point purchase promos, it’s not such a great deal unless you’re really good at maximizing your points.

(And to be clear, if you’re not sure if you’re good at maximizing them, you probably aren’t so don’t buy any — I say this very respectfully, I just don’t want you to waste your money! Join our free webinar on travel rewards to become a pro at maximizing them!)

But it could make sense to buy points if you: 

  • don’t want to invest time into learning about welcome bonuses (even though we’ll make it simple for you during our webinar)
  • don’t have good credit (fix that ASAP to enjoy a lot of free travel)
  • want points in niche currencies that are harder to acquire as Canadians
  • use points very very very well

Here are the Black Friday deals for airline point purchases:

Here are the Black Friday deals for hotel point purchases:


18 travel item deals

Don’t miss our post with the ONLY 5 true travel essentials tomorrow.

Here are the Black Friday deals for travel items:


22 airline deals

We already wrote about this, and about why they’re usually a waste of time compared to real flight deals.


14 hotel deals

Hotel sales are generally better than airline sales.


4 car rental deals

Our guide with 100+ travel tips will have plenty of pro tricks about everything, including one aspect of travel a lot of people struggle with, car rentals.

Here are the Black Friday deals for car rentals:


1 train deal

Very specific, but in case you need to book a train trip soon. I love VIA Rail, at least on short distances when their inevitable delays simply don’t have time to be too long.


2 tour deals

We’re not really fans of organized trips at all, it’s always more authentic (and more affordable) when you travel independently.

But in case you are just starting out as a traveler or want to put in zero effort, an organized trip is still better than not traveling or traveling vacationing in an artificial resort (even if it’s not going to be nearly as cheap or gratifying as planning your own trips). 

But this 1st provider only does small groups at least, and the 2nd one is for young adults only. So it could be a good 1st step to help you build the confidence to travel on your own, even though it’s really not that complicated, trust us, just do it! 

(But if you missed our webinar last weekend with 100+ tips on how to travel for less, you can still get our free guide when it’s ready soon, if you sign up for our free newsletter today!)

Here are the Black Friday deals for tours:


1 cruise deal

Not fans of this either, but we know many people are. 

And again, at least it’s much better than an artificial resort because, from my understanding, when a cruise stops in the different ports of call, people actually visit places and discover the local culture a bit.


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In addition to flight and hotel deals, Black Friday is full of great travel deals, on everything from rewards points and lounge access to trains, tours, and cruises. If you’re planning a trip or need something to add to your already planned trip, it might be worth looking into some of these deals.

What would you like to know about travel deals? Tell us in the comments below.


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