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Due to the pandemic, Marriott is offering bonus elite night credits for 2021. This means it is easier to requalify for elite status, but more importantly for most of you who are probably automatically Silver Elite members already, it means you can reach the next Elite status level more easily in 2021.

Those of you who have the Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card (it’s really a card literally every Canadian traveler should have; even those who don’t like hotels) already all are Silver Elite members. But now Gold Elite is within reach—it’s easier than ever this year.


What is Marriott Elite status

Marriott, like most hotel and airline rewards programs, has an Elite program to recognize and reward its most loyal members.

Elite members get great VIP perks, which vary based on which level of Elite status they reach.

You can read more about Marriott Bonvoy hotel Elite status.


What are Marriott Elite night credits

Just to be very clear, as beginners sometimes get confused by the “Elite night credit” term:

  • Elite night credits have nothing to do with getting free nights
  • Elite night credits have nothing to do with credit cards
  • Elite night credits have nothing to do with points
  • Elite night credits have nothing to do with the Marriott annual free night certificate

Elite night credits are simply what Marriott uses to determine if you become an Elite member.

It’s very simple: usually, you get one Elite night credit for every night you spend in one of the 7,000+ Marriott hotels (whether it’s paid for in cash or in points—that’s irrelevant).

But one benefit of the Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card is that you always automatically get 15 Elite night credits every year. It’s like you start the year having already “stayed” 15 nights in Marriott hotels… without having to actually do the stays.

These 15 Elite night credits give you automatic Silver Elite status (10 Elite night credits are required for Silver Elite). And it makes it easier to reach higher status levels.

This year, it’s even better with Marriott’s bonus Elite night credits for 2021.


What are Marriott’s bonus Elite night credits for 2021

To make it easier to requalify for elite status despite the pandemic, Marriott is giving all elite members bonus Elite night credits equal to 50% of the required total for their 2020 status.

As a Silver Elite, that means you now got 20 Elite Night Credits in 2021 (instead of the regular 15). This has been deposited in your online account already.

That means you’ll only need to stay 5 nights in a Marriott hotel (with points or cash) in 2021 to get Gold Elite status until February 2023 (or actually even less than 5 nights with the current Marriott global promotion, if you can stay before April 27th).

With a bit of effort, you might even be able to reach the very valuable Platinum Elite status for example (for lounge access, free breakfast, and even more suite upgrades).

And if you already have a status higher than Silver Elite like us, you’ll see even more bonus Elite night credits in your account:

  • 5 for Silver
  • 13 for Gold
  • 25 for Platinum
  • 38 for Titanium
  • 50 for Ambassador

For example, I’m a Titanium Elite, so I’ve received 38 bonus Elite night credits and already had 15 with my Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card. That means I just need to stay 22 nights to requalify for Titanium (75 nights required), which should be easy to do since I achieved that even in 2020 despite the pandemic.


Elite guarantees reinstated

This news is just for Platinum, Titanium, and Ambassador members: Elite guarantees are back!

They had been suspended due to the pandemic. I’ve gotten a few cash compensations myself thanks to these; I’ll share a separate post, since not many readers stay in Marriott hotels enough to take advantage of this.

For now, just know that they’re back and you’re owed money if employees do not offer you your welcome benefit or do not give you the same type of room you booked.


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Marriott’s bonus Elite night credits for 2021 will make it easier to requalify for Elite status or easier to reach a higher Elite level.

Have any questions about Marriott Elite status? Ask us in the comments below.


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