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Videos to help you

Since you should regularly be due for another big welcome bonus, we now make videos every month so we can always help you.


1. Monthly video on the best card deals (APRIL)

You can listen to our video on the best travel rewards deals of the month to help you choose, if you couldn’t be there live (or don’t have an Instagram account).

Just a reminder that the RBC Avion Visa Infinite Card is one of the best right now and its enhanced offer ends on April 30th. So this week, we’re going to send you a special feature with LOTS of content (including videos) to learn more about it so you can decide if it’s right for your next application. Stay tuned if you think this one might interest you!


2. Monthly video on the best card deals (MAY)

If you’d rather be able to ask your travel rewards questions live, come to the next edition of the monthly video instead. You’ll also learn about the best travel rewards deals of the month, of course.

It’s May live on Instagram. Put it on your calendar (or we’ll send you the link to listen later)!


Webinars to help you

We’re restarting a new round of free webinars! We know you want more video content, so we’ll have more of that.


3. New edition of our webinar for beginners

Back by popular demand! We’re hosting another free travel rewards webinar designed specifically for beginners! The most lucrative hour of your year.

It’ll take place on May 17, at 9 PM (Eastern).

You need to reserve your spot, but don’t wait too long; spots are limited so we can answer almost every question live afterward.

(As a comparison, the travel rewards event I was speaking at in October cost $349 for attendees, on top of your transport and lodging in Toronto. In just 1 hour, we won’t give you as much info as a 2-day convention of course, but you’ll get all the most important things to get started!)

Worst case scenario, all you’ve lost is 1 hour, literally — it’s free.

Best case scenario (and I can tell you this is what will happen, based on the 1000+ travelers who’ve attended all our previous editions), you’ll regret not having known about this before! 


4. Other webinars, including brand-new ones

We’ll also redo a webinar on Aeroplan (the best airline program) but also a brand-new one on Marriott (the best hotel program) in June.

Stay tuned for the dates for those, and please send us your webinar topic suggestions by replying to the welcome email after signing up for our free travel rewards newsletter!


Current promotions

Here are some interesting promotions that touch on a variety of aspects of travel rewards.


5. Awesome deal: Montreal-Europe flights for 20,000 points and ≈ $300 roundtrip flight

It’s the lowest price ever to fly across the Atlantic, at least with airline points. It can be a great deal, it’s a 50% discount on points with this Flying Blue Promo Rewards sale (accessible by transferring the best points). May be worth positioning to Montreal from elsewhere too!

It’s for flights until September 30th, but you need to book before April 30th. I give you all the details, including 2 basic concepts that are well illustrated by this deal, to make sure you can take advantage of the next one if you can’t take advantage of this one (and that you know some very important basic stuff about points redemptions).


6. Montreal-Europe flights for ≈ $730 if you do NOT already have Amex points

The same deal, but accessible to all travelers at a relatively decent price thanks to the deal to buy Flying Blue points with a bonus of up to 100%.

That can save you up to $1000 per person on flights! It all depends on the cash price of these flights. I explain those basics about airline points!


7. Buy Aeroplan points with 85% bonus

It’s usually not worth it to buy points, because it’s so easy to get plenty of them for free with credit cards. But there are exceptions that could make sense (as you can see very well with the previous update).

You have until April 29th for this sale. This comprehensive guide explains it all, including concrete examples of the value of Aeroplan points (while you wait for our ultimate guide).


8. Aeroplan HotelSavers promotion

Again, just because there’s a promotion doesn’t mean it’s good. Redeeming Aeroplan points for hotels is rarely recommended, but as always, it can make sense depending on your situation. Especially with this promotion that gives up to 20% off.

You have until tonight for this one. I give you a little introduction to all of this, including the basics of calculating the value of points and a first analysis of the Aeroplan HotelSavers program.


9. Airline elite status match: WestJet and Porter promotions

I also explain the basics of elite status and of status match promotions, but this specific promotion is just for those who already have airline elite status (much harder to get than hotel elite status). It ends April 30th.

There are also sometimes status matches for hotel elite status, which literally all travelers should (eventually) have easily. So you can read the basics already to be ready to multiply your hotel elite status soon. 


Tips and general knowledge

We’re going to have a lot more content like this in particular.


10. Answers to almost every question that are about a specific card (any card)

I show you where to easily get the answer for almost every question we’ve received by email that are about a card (any card).

And I specifically answer these:


11. Reminder of 2 very important things about earning points

A short but absolutely vital reminder about earning points in general to avoid THE most common mistake and another one if you want to take your travel rewards to the next level.

So that you don’t miss out on deals, so that you don’t waste your spending, so that you earn faster, and so that you can maximize your free travel.


12. Basics of airline points… and Amex points

Another quick reminder about the points that are by far the most lucrative, if you want to look into points that can give you unlimited value and outsized value.

For those who want to do better than just points with a fixed value (which can never be worth more) and cash back (objectively the most terrible of the reward types in terms of value).


13. How to transfer Amex points to partners

American Express Membership Rewards points are the most valuable in Canada. And the best use of Amex points is almost always to transfer them to partner programs.

While you wait for the ultimate guide to the Amex program, I’m reposting this article that shows you step-by-step how to easily do the transfer online in just a few minutes. With 2 important reminder about when to do both steps of a transfer.


14. Basics of using airline points for hotels (and hotel points for flights)

Quick reminder of a very simple basic concept (and another on the use of points for anything other than travel).

And we’ll have A LOT more content specifically about the redemption angle of travel rewards.


Program updates

Here is some news that applies to some of the most popular and lucrative cards and programs.


15. Aeroplan adds fuel partner: JOURNIE Rewards

That’s really not how you’re going to earn a lot. But free points are free points. Even though the Aeroplan and JOURNIE partnership will likely give you an almost insignificant number of points in the grand scheme of things, why not take them? 

I also remind you of the oh-so-simple way to get 5% to ≈ 7.5% back on all your gas very easily all the time… and even 51% off with an even more important basic tip.


16. Reopening of NEXUS centers in Canada

It’s not directly related to travel rewards of course, but:

  • Many credit cards give you a credit to pay for your NEXUS membership
  • It’s for savvy travelers and NEXUS too (it’s so great)

The government has finally reopened the NEXUS interviews in Canada. However, the process in Canada has changed and maybe the land border is better if you want it faster! You can also read about the NEXUS interview experience of the other co-founder of Flytrippers, who did it recently.


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