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As we continue preparing our new revamped travel rewards section, we want to share several important updates right away to help maximize your free travel. Especially the first 4 offers listed that are extremely valuable! 

Here are the 9 news, including a few (also the first ones) that are ending very soon.


1. 30% transfer bonus from HSBC Rewards to Avios

Yes, you can get 30% more free travel very easily until June 30 (tonight)! It’s a great bonus for those who have the HSBC World Elite Mastercard, one of the best cards in Canada (but one of the few in our ranking of the best credit cards with a certain minimum income required). But Avios points are not for everyone either!

Here are the details of the 30% transfer bonus from HSBC to Avios.


2. 25% or 20% discount for Amex Aeroplan cardholders

One of the best Aeroplan offers ever is running through July 5 (or actually July 4). Yes, 25% or 20% more free travel for those who have one of the 3 Aeroplan credit cards issued by American Express (and an important note for those who have one AND those who don’t).

Here are the details of the 25% or 20% discount for Amex Aeroplan cardholders.


3. Free changes with Aeroplan to end soon

All flights booked with Aeroplan until July 5 will be changeable once for free (and thus cancelable and refundable with our pro tip, which I also explain). It’s a great opportunity to book lots of flights with more flexibility. But the long-standing, generous special policy is really ending this time, another sign that the pandemic is over. Aeroplan is also modifying its regular change policy slightly.

Here are the details of the end of Aeroplan’s free change policy.


4. New discounts in the Amex Offers program

There are some great new discounts, like the equivalent of 50% off flights, up to 53% off groceries, and the (disappointing) return of Shop Small in the Amex Offers program. You’re probably familiar with it if you have one of the many American Express cards (and you should because they have the best welcome bonuses and the best traveler benefits too). 

Here are the details of the new Amex Offers program discounts.


5. Sobeys/Safeway/IGA/etc. chain switches from AIR MILES to Scene+

Big change, even though some of their banners are among the worst places to shop for groceries if you want to maximize rewards (many don’t accept Amex cards, which means you can’t use the American Express Cobalt Card and earn ≈ 7.5% in Aeroplan points or 5% in simple travel credit on groceries like you can at supermarkets that accept Amex). Anyway, AIR MILES will be replaced by Scene+ shortly.

Here are the details of the rewards program change at Sobeys.


6. Yet another new Aeroplan partner airline… and train?

Another airline is now available with Aeroplan points: Aeromar, a Mexican regional airline. The Aeroplan program is already the one with the most partners worldwide, which is one of the reasons why it’s the best rewards program in Canada, and by far. I illustrate 6 important Aeroplan concepts concretely with this recent example, and talk about a train operator joining Star Alliance.

Here are the details of the addition of Aeromar as an Aeroplan partner.


7. Oman Air to join oneworld alliance

Good news for Avios points holders: Oman Air is joining the oneworld airline alliance! This will give you even more options for using your Avios points (not to mention that Qatar Airways has just adopted Avios points as their rewards currency as well).

Here are the details of Oman Air joining the oneworld alliance and the Avios partner airlines.


8. Shortcut to extend your Aeroplan Elite status

Here’s an update that’s only for those who currently have Aeroplan Elite status: it’s now possible to extend your current status until the end of 2023 without having to qualify under the normal requirements!

Here are the details of the shortcut to extend the Aeroplan Elite status.


9. New welcome bonuses

There are an incredible number of great new welcome bonus offers right now (some of which we’ll be adding to our rankings of the best credit cards shortly), but none of them expire in June. 

So, I’ll take some time to prepare a separate post on this soon to give you a lot more details to help you choose. Coming soon!


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There’s a ton of action in the world of travel rewards right now! The latest news and promos in this post are the most important ones to know.

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